Ricky Kent To Release Free Mixtape For Fans Feb 1st Via Soundcloud

Tue, Jan, 30 2018

Rapper Ricky Kent will be releasing a free mixtape for fans via his Soundcloud. The Mixtape will include 5 new songs in advance of his next single, See it Want It, Get it which drops in late February.  Ocarina’s Space,  Instrumental: Zelda’s Lullaby by “a l e x”, Lately, Instrumental: Warm Stares by “Nochibeats”, #Working, Instrumental: Nimbus by “Spectrum” , Mood rn, Instrumental: lake.serene by Altitude., and Kids Love It, Instrumental: Broken Promise by Joe Boyd Vigil [From Album “Toonami: Deep Space Bass”]. Follow him for exclusive content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on Snapchat