Documentary Featuring PL To Premiere At Hoboken International Film Festival

Tue, May, 2 2017

The feature length documentary, "Beyond the Bombs" will make its worldwide debut at this year’s Hoboken International Film Festival on May 22nd. The documentary follows Iranian metal band Underground Dreams journey from Iran to LA as they risk everything to take a chance and pursue their dream of a music career after hiding in the underground music scene in Tehran. The trio of musicians secretly work via Skype with now labelmate and producer, Paul Lewis while navigating imposed sanctions on Iran and the ban on metal music. After sorting through a multitude of Visa issues, one of which being no US embassy in their country, the band finally makes it out of Iran to escape the bomb ridden country. Upon arriving in the US, they begin to feel both the exhilaration of freedom to create and perform their music, while simultaneously facing the loss of potentially being unable to return to their families, if they release the music and documentary. They find themselves feeling stuck in Los Angeles on a roller coaster between freedom and fear that leads to gut wrenching lyrical journeys, emotional peaks and valleys and ultimately a choice for their dream. The film also includes a cameo from Duff McKagan from Guns & Roses.  Tickets are on sale now here you can find out more about the film at