"Thinking Inside My Box" Things Not To Ask Parents About Parenting In Stores Now

Mon, Dec, 15 2014

The comedy book "Thinking Inside My Box" Things Not To Ask Parents About Parenting co-written by Missy Grynkiewicz and Richard Keller is now available. Parenting is hard. Ask Missy Grynkiewicz and Richard Keller. Combined, these two authors and
performers have ... well, they have a lot of children. And they're pains in the ... Okay, maybe not so much pains as they are challenges to Missy’s and Richard’s sanity and continuous urge to sit on the couch without any pants.

In Thinking Inside My Box: things not to ask parents about parenting, Missy and Richard delve into the routines of offspring which make some folks curl up into fetal balls of sorrow. Essays include items on Christmas, television, the dreaded talk back, the Bill of Rights according to teenagers, sand in womanly areas, pregnancy, fast food, and utter embarrassment. You'll definitely laugh about the absurdities of child rearing, you're certain to exclaim at the similarities, and you'll relate so closely that you'll think they're talking about your progeny.

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