YNOT?! Original Members Offer Private Show For Fans

Fri, Aug, 9 2013

YNOT?! original band members Paul Lewis, Marco Riva and Steve Wallace along with new members Matt King, Alyssa Lee Lewis, Michael Wolf and Jeff Apple are offering one private performance to fans along with the YNOT?! Video that was recorded in the early 90's at Hammerjacks. The offer is to raise funds for the upcoming Realize Records production "Days of Power" which is starring multiple artists from the label and YNOT?! band members. YNOT?! will perform for you on your date and location of choice. You will also receive a copy of YNOT?! The video recorded at Hammerjacks in the early 90's. Additionally you will receive 2 tickets to the Red Carpet Premiere of Days of Power and the full Paul Lewis and YNOT?! music catalog. You can contact Realize Records at info@realizerecords.com to get more details or to purchase the show visit the Indie Gogo Site here and look for the perk titled YNOT?! Performance. Fo rmore on the movie you can visit www.daysofpower.com