RR Begins Casting On Feature Film Starring Milow The Girl

Wed, Aug, 7 2013

Realize Records has begun casting the feature film, "Days of Power" starring label Singer/Songwriter Milow the Girl. The film is a thriller and is currently raising the final funds on their official Indie Gogo website. All submissions should email info@realizerecords.com with links/resumes/headshots and what characters they would like to read for. The film is scheduled to begin filming in October 2013 in the Mid Atlantic area. You can see a teaser on the film's official website.

TRINITY: Female Early 20's, Stylish, Sexy Backup Singer
RILEY: Male Late 20's, Magnetic, Confident, Drummer
GIA: Female Early 20's Italian, Efficient, Attractive, No-nonsense Assistant to Milow The Girl
CARSON: Male 30's Carefree, Life Of The Party Keyboardist
GREG:  Male 30's, Attractive, Cool Guitarist
ZOEY: Female Early 20's, Beautiful, Charming Backup Singer
BROOKLYN: Male 30's, Muscular, Cocky Bassist
JAMES: Documentary Filmaker, Male Early 40's,
HANNAH: Female 9 Years Old, Frail, Stoic Daughter of Patti and Tom
TOM: Male Mid 50's Meticulously Groomed Grey Haired  Husband of Patti
PATTI: Female Mid-40's Unbalanced Deceptive Farm Owner
FRANK: Male Early 40’s, Gruff, Stocky Farm Worker
TRAVIS: Male Early 20's, Muscular Country Boy Farm Worker
ED:  Male 40’s, Rep for Milow the Girl
RACHEL: Female 30's Record Label Representative
SEAN: Male Late 30’s, Milow the Girl Tour manager
RAPPER: Male Early 30's World Famous Rapper
NICK: Male Early 30’s Tall, Svelte Mafioso Drug Dealer
ERIC: Male Early 20’s, Resourceful A&R Record Label Rep
MEGHAN: Female Late Teens:  Assistant to Eric
JODY: Male Late teens, Record Label video guru
SOUND GUY: Male Early 20's, Hippie
REPORTER: Female Early 40's Stylish Professional
NEWS ANCHOR: Female or Male - 30-40's
POLICEMAN: Male 30-40's
BODYGUARD: Male 30-40's Tall, Muscular
CHIEF OF POLICE: Male 50-60's
DANCERS: Male and Female Dancers Needed. Must be Proficient in Hip/Hop and Lyrical Dance