Hoo Doo Soul Band's "Spirits in the Material World" Raising Funds For Donate Ohio Life

Wed, Jul, 17 2013

Ohio Based Hoo Doo Soul Band's version of the Police song "Spirits in the Material Word" is the third release from the Paul Lewis produced Police Tribute CD. The CD which was recorded at Racetrack Sound Studios in Pennsylvania is raising money for various charities. The single will be raising funds for Donate Ohio Life. The organization was instrumental in helping the band's guitar player receive his liver transplant. 

Donate Ohio Life, is an organization dedicated to helping people find a way to attain an organ donor if they are in need of a transplant. Ohio Life states: "Organ and tissue donation provides a "Second Chance" for thousands of people each year and is the result of people helping people - of ordinary people becoming "Heroes." "
By an individual making a commitment to become an organ and/or tissue donor, it can make a huge impact on the lives of others. A single person can save eight lives and even improve the quality of nearly 50 others.

A big part of what Donate Ohio Life is doing, contributes to the fact that they believe in using "living donors". Living donors can donate certain organs and still function in a healthy lifestyle after the donation. Organs such as kidneys, livers, lungs, the pancreas, Intestines, and even the heart (although its rare), can be donated by a living person.

 "In Ohio alone, over 3,000 people are waiting for a transplant". Most organ donors wait until they die to have their organs donated to save and improve lives, when at every moment there are hundreds hanging on, waiting for a transplant. For more info visit on the organization you can visit: http://www.donatelifeohio.org/get-involved.html To find out more about the Hoo Doo Soul Band visit their official site at http://hoodoosoulband.com/