RR Becomes First Indie Label With A Film Featuring Multiple Artists Highlighting A Cause

Thu, Jul, 11 2013

Realize Records launched their first Indie Gogo site today for the independent film "Days of Power" written and being produced by label CEO, Michel Grey. The film showcases indie musicians/actors and illustrates the parallel in their lives & where the puppy in the window came from that is intended to educate the public about puppy mills.

"The general public for the most part is completely uninformed about what a puppy mill is and the level of animal cruelty that happens there. This story will make that clear but in a entertaining, thriller genre designed to inspire the general public to start adopting rather than shopping for pets." says writer/producer Michel Grey. Grey worked closely with multiple animal rights organizations to assure that the puppy mills were depicted in a  accurate manner.

The film will feature Switzerland Singer/Songwriter and animal rights activist Milow the Girl along with label mates, Singer/Songwriter Paul Lewis, Comedian/Singer Missy Grynkiewicz and upcoming Singer/Actress Alyssa Lee Lewis. "I believe we are the first indie record label to produce a feature film that includes multiple artists from its roster. The label is branching out and we are fortunate to have multitalented artists who are active philanthropists as well as performers." states Grey. The film will include music from Milow the Girl and is seeking additional indie music for the film. Donation Perks include speaking roles, having your music featured and thank you shout outs in the film's credits. Filming is scheduled to begin in fall 2013 on the East Coast. To donate or read more about the film's cast and crew you can visit their indie gogo site at http://igg.me/p/393481/x/2917384. To read the full press release with link click here