Label's Feature Film Delays Tied To LAX Shooter

Thu, Nov, 21 2013

Realize Records announced today that their Feature Film "Days of Power" will resume filming in the Spring of 2014. Filming was originally scheduled to begin on November 4th but the film's director Jason Pagnoni was held in Los Angeles due to being in Terminal 3 during the LAX shooting. Pagnoni along with hundreds of others were held as part of the crime scene along with their baggage. The delay of his arrival pushed the production back which caused several other conflicts for the production. The heads of  the production departments met once the director arrived on the East Coast and a collective decision was made to push the filming back. "The schedule was a house of cards and when we started moving things around it became apparent that we would need to push back. To film outside in December, January or February on the East Coast was just not a option. This is a big movie so any extra time is only going to make it a stronger film. I am just glad Jason is safe, he was literallly one of the people running from the shooter." states producer Michel Grey. The film's production team and actors had traveled from Miami, Los Angeles, Nashville and New York. The film's crew have turned this delay into time for additional pre-production. In a interview the film's director stated "The unforeseen event that I became a part of in LAX’s Terminal 3, unfortunately, created a chain reaction of hurdles that would have ended up hurting the project in the long run if we pushed forward with filming in November.   Days of Power from a director’s standpoint, is a mini epic as the visual scope of the film is massive.   With this additional window of time, we can continue to finesse and tighten areas that will only elevate the visual layout of the film even higher.  The characteristics in the design elements for all departments are very specific and it’s imperative that they are all on point at the highest standard.  Michel wrote such a heart wrenching story and it must be represented in the absolute best way possible and, thankfully, I’m safe so I can do everything in my power to ensure that this happens. " To stay up to date on further developments with the film you can follow Days Of Power film on Facebook and Twitter.