Realize Records Announces Partnership With Singer/Songwriter Alyssa Lee Lewis

Tue, Jul, 10 2012

Realize Records announced today that singer/songwriter and actress Alyssa Lee Lewis has joined forces to produce the nineteen year olds first EP titled “Leeway Freeway”. The CD which consists of three original songs, one known cover and a new song co-written by label mate Milow the Girl and producer Paul Lewis. The CD is scheduled for release in fall of 2012.  

Lewis, who has been performing in musical theatre productions and in venues throughout the Mid-Atlantic since the age of seven years old, approached the label about recording her new EP in early 2012. The label requested a meeting for the singer/songwriter to perform in private for label reps. “Initially we had a bit of trepidation due to her age, we generally work with more seasoned artists but after watching her perform the songs and her passionate pitch we couldn’t say no. It was obvious this girl is going places.” states label CEO Michel Grey. Lewis quickly went into pre-production emerging with songs that are catchy yet are not the typical bubble gum pop you would expect. Strong messages are conveyed in each tune that came directly from the artist. Lewis says, “I wanted to perform songs that would connect with my generation. All of the songs including the covers were chosen based on the lyrical content as well as the music. I feel like I am one in a million in my generation that feel this way. These songs portray how the current state of the world is affecting us and how we are trying to find our way in a confusing time.”

Alyssa and producer and label mate Paul Lewis (YNOT?!) are scheduled to begin recording this month in the Philadelphia area. “It's been an amazing experience working with Alyssa. Her pitch is perfect and her voice is strong. The melodies come to her effortlessly.", says producer Paul Lewis. Along with recording the CD, Alyssa is performing at several venues and festivals throughout the East Coast. To find out more about Alyssa and her upcoming release and tour, you can visit or visit her page on the Realize Records website at