Paul Lewis Takes His Bag Of Rain To The World Café Live At The Queen

Fri, Jan, 27 2012

On February 4th, singer/songwriter/producer Paul Lewis will celebrate the release of his latest CD “Bag of Rain” at World Café Live at the Queen in Wilmington, DE. The CD which hit shelves on November 22 has steadily been receiving airplay and is climbing up the Billboard charts. This will be the first time the CD has been played live in its entirety.

“Bag of Rain” is Lewis’ third solo album and ninth studio album. In addition to his solo recordings, he is currently the lead singer of the band YNOT?!who is and has been a Mid-Atlantic favorite since the early nineties.  The event is scheduled to begin at 9:00pm and is open to the public. The show will also feature painter Kyle Moran and comedian Missy Grynkiewicz from Lewis’ record label. Lewis states, “There is no filler on this recording. Not a lot of artists are making records any more it’s more about singles. I’d like to think of this as an experience to be listened to from beginning to end.”

In addition to the performance, Delaware Humane Association Staff will be on hand at the performance collecting donations for their no kill shelter. Realize Records will be offering a free copy of “Bag of Rain” to every person who donates twenty dollars or more to DHA. Label CEO Michel Grey says, “Our staff and many of our artists are active in animal rights. These shelters provide a safe haven for animals that would otherwise be put down if not adopted within days. They deserve our support.”

Tickets for the event are on sale. Advance tickets are thirteen dollars or fifteen dollars the day of the show. Tickets can be purchased on the World Café Live website at the following link.