Former Local Musician Paul Lewis Returns Bringing A Festival And Final Ynot Reunion Performance With

Tue, Mar, 17 2009

The Unicity Performing Arts Festival announced today that the band YNOT! will reunite on May 16th for their final performance as a group. The band launched their career in Salisbury in the late eighties as a group of college students from Salisbury State University. Paul Lewis, one of the producers of the Unicity Performing Arts Festival and front man of the band says, “This was the perfect way to come full circle as a band.  We started here and we will end here.”

YNOT’s potent mix of melody, no-nonsense lyrics, passion, and delivery coupled with a visual element that highlights front man Paul Lewis` ability to make sure no one stands still made them a serious contender on both college radio and pop charts. They transposed themselves into one of the regions most acclaimed acts - fans frenetically battled for dance space in venues from Manhattan to the Carolinas. YNOT! was among an endangered breed of musicians; it is often difficult to consistently lure fans to hear an all original sets, untrue for this band. In fact, YNOT?! took it a step beyond to become one of the only acts to consistently sell out venues. “YNOT! was all about having a good time, as our fans know, so we are excited to bring that energy back to Salisbury for the festival.”, states Lewis.

Lewis, a big supporter of the local area and performers found the timing perfect to bring the festival to Salisbury. “Things are really tough right now so we wanted to infuse the area with energy, creativity and business.” says Lewis. “The festival is all about coming together and the event is a
nice escape for families and friends.” Lewis, who grew up in Salisbury, who is a producer and recording artist left the area to launch a solo career in Los Angeles in the late 90’s. After two cds, one of which received six first round Grammy nominations, he returned to the East Coast with a mission to help other artists further their career and the communities that had helped him launch his own career.   

YNOT! will perform on The Celebrity stage on May 16th at 9:00PM. The line-up will also feature some special guests including Maryland local and long time musician Kelly Bell.  The Kelly Bell Band will be performing on the same stage at 8:00PM. Tickets for the festival are $15.00 and are on sale now.  You can purchase tickets online at or by calling 302.373.1078.

The Unicity Performing Arts Festival’s goal is to unite different races, sexes and cultures through the diversity of the performing arts. The festival brought in part to you by Wicomico Recreation, Parks & Tourism, is a collage of all types of performing artists from classical musicians to punk rock bands, featuring ballet dancers to street hip hop artists. Poets, actors, comedians, everything and anything goes. The event is a two day fusion of nonstop performing artists, unbelievable food and drinks all leading up to shows featuring national acts. This year’s festival will take place on 110 Acres in Winterplace Park in Salisbury, MD on May 15th & 16th.