Milow the Girl


Sylvia G of Milow the Girl has led a remarkable life. The Swiss artist was raised surrounded by baby lions, elephants, chimpanzees and a menagerie of exotic wildlife. Her earliest memories at the age of four years were of her best friends, not neighborhood kids, but leopard cubs, wolves and other assorted playmates. The artist, who’s latest release, "Dreams" which debuted at #1 on the AC charts, says while her love of animals goes back as far as she can remember, her venture into music came a bit later in life. 

Her career started in 2007 when her song "Waking Up "received the award for best dance track at a USA songwriting contest.  In 2009, Milow the Girl received the award of Best European Singer at the LA Music Awards. The buzz within the industry caught the attention of US-based label Realize Records and within a few months Milow the Girl was signed to the label. The label released” Days of Power" in 2010 that charted on US college radio. The debut was followed with her sophomore release "32,000 Feet Above" in 2012.  The CD produced several successful singles including 'Beautiful World' and 'Distraction'.  In 2013 MTG partnered with UK based label Right Recordings to release the single 'Distraction Timothy Allan and Loverush Remix'. The song went on to reach #14 on the New Music Week's Commercial Pop Chart.  In 2014, the feature film "Days of Power " inspired by Milow the Girl and her United States Days of Power tour was filmed and is set for release in 2017. The film stars’ indie musicians and actors from all over the world and has special appearances by animal rights advocates Eric and Eliza Roberts, Simone Reyes and Sylvia G herself. In February 2015, the band's third worldwide release "Overexposed" was one of the most streamed indie releases with nearly a million streams worldwide. The project was recorded in Los Angeles and London with songwriter/producers Robert Venable, Keaton Simons and Stuart Epps. The CD mixed rock, pop and dance genres while you can still hear the influences from an artist who has traveled all over the world. 

The band's new CD, "Dreams" brings a unique sound and new direction. The CD was Co-Written and Produced in Los Angeles by Josh Ricchio in May 2016. The tracks mix dance, alternative and ambient elements. The title track, a remake of the Fleetwood Mac hit, "Dreams" stays true to the original yet brings a mix of ethereal melodies and driving drum beats to create its own unique sound. Other stand out tracks are the first single, "Electrified" an upbeat, rhythmic song about passion and the intense emotional single "I Heard You Say".  Sylvia G says, "We should never limit ourselves because of others limited imagination. So let's dream." The CD has reached #2 on the U.S. Adult Contemporary downloads chart and #1 on the Adult Contemporary streaming chart.

In addition to her passion for music, the socially conscious artist works alongside nonprofits such as Soi Dogs and Humane Society of the United States to protect animal rights, fostering and the environment.  Milow the Girl says, “I have been blessed to be surrounded by animals all my life. I find it so important to live in harmony with nature; it should be our primary concern to live and respect all that surrounds us. If each of us thought about the consequences of our actions and took the time to change one little thing...what a difference this would make.”

 "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt”



  • Nov 12, 2016


    On November 8, 2016 you voted and made a choice.

    I am not American but I love your country, I love what you represent the chance you offer to anyone who is willing to work hard and  believe their dreams. 

    I am Swiss, my countries identity is rooted In a common historical background and shared values and a linguistic diversity. Switzerland was founded on August 1, 1291. We fought wars against the French that conquered us in 1798 and we resisted the occupation. When war broke out between France and its rivals, Russian and Austrian forces invaded Switzerland. The Swiss refused to fight alongside the French. In 1803 a pact largely restored Swiss Autonomy and in1815 the Congress of Vienna fully reestablished Swiss independence and the countries neutrality. 

    Just as America, we fought for our rights.

    The United States is a prominent cultural and political force around the world and a leader in so many fields and the creation of your country is at the image of what you are today, a mixity of ethnic groups and religions that work and live together and that is what makes America. 

    Paleo-Indians migrated to what is America today, from Asia 15,000 years ago and Europe colonization began in the 16th century. After Spain sent Columbus on his first voyage to "the new world", the Spanish set up small settlements in New Mexico and Florida. France as well had settlements along the Mississippi River. You emerged from 13 British colonies along the East coast. On July 4,1776 the Declaration of Independence was adopted,"Humanity is created equal" and your current constitution adopted in 1781. Differences of opinion, social orders between the North and the South especially regarding black slavery led to the American Civil War. Then came Abraham Lincoln, the first anti -slavery president. In 1865, following the Union victory three amendments were added to your constitution, the prohibition of slavery, the citizenship for 4 million African Americans and the right to vote. War remains the deadliest military conflict in American history with approximately 700,000 deaths .... wasn’t this enough?

    And this morning as I was reading the article on Huffington Post, I saw the picture of this awful cross on a white wall somewhere in America, that brings us back to the Second World War, when this cross filled the streets of Germany of Europe.
    It is a return to hatred, to bigotism, due to the prejudice of some... that brings your country centuries back to a place you, we do not want it to be ... to go.

    I said in a previous post that Mr. Donald Trump must be given the benefit of the doubt, I still believe what I said, but he MUST become the president of all Americans and stop the crisis of extremism that has shown up in America, in a part of the community that is radicalized uneducated and intolerant. He is now responsible for the road your country will take, hopefully with justice and liberty for all.

    History has shown that racisms and hatred never end well, we are all concerned.
    Sylvia G

  • Nov 05, 2016

    A Feeling Of Urgency

    It’s 2AM and I can’t sleep.  I just copied and pasted two blogs on my Facebook page that I wrote a few years ago about "The illegal wildlife trade "and "the debate over climate change".As I was reading them it struck me that nothing has changed, well yes some agreements were adopted (Paris 2015) .... but apart from that, have we changed? Have our leaders changed? Seriously? ... I do not think so.

    Yesterday I watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie " Before the flood"  capturing the dramatic changes our planet is facing due to "men  activity" and it profoundly moved me.  I ask you all to please take the time to watch it. It cannot be more clearer and I still do not understand that our elected officials around the world still have not taken the drastic measures that would be necessary to try and stop ( because reverting the damage done is sadly too late) the destruction of our planet.Yes, I know, the Earth experienced past climate change without the help from humanity. Models show past ice ages and periods even warmer than today, it is true, but in the last century alone the temperature has risen ten times faster than the average rate of ice- age recovery warming. NASA Earth observatory written by H Rebekah in 2010.

    It is predicted that our planets temperatures will rise from 2 to 6 degrees in the next century. When global warming happened various times in the last 2 million years it took the planet 5000 years to warm 5 degrees, today the predicted rate is approximatively twenty times faster... can you imagine? I hope you can .... because only then will things can change .... or have we past the point of no return?

    Nous avons besoin des océans , des rivières , des terres , des forêts , des animaux qui peuplent notre planète pour vivre , je ne veux pas devoir survivre dans un paradis devenu enfer , et vous?

    With love & on & on & on
    Sylvia G

  • Jul 01, 2015

    Science Is A Search For Truth

    Pythagoras ( 570-495  BCE ) was a Greek mathematician that founded a secretive philosophical society called " the Pythagoreans ". He also set up a mathematical school. He has not left any written books but believed that the relations between all things could be reduced to numbers.

    His group called "The mathematikoi " aimed to discover these relations. The Islamic golden age started in the mid- 8th century and Lasted for 500 years. It saw the
    birth of modern scientific methods and experimentations that began in Baghdad the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate.

    At the same time Europe was far behind and several hundreds of years were to pass before science was to overcome the Catholic Church restrictions. For centuries the view of our universe was based on Aristotle's belief that the earth was the centre of the universe "the centre of all celestial bodies" . It was only in 1532 that Copernicus the polish physician completed his work that had the sun at its centre.  He knew that it would be regarded as heresy. Fearing for his life he waited until his death to have his work published. His work won many followers over the years and opened the way to  Astronomers such as William Gilbert who published " De  Magnete"  in 1600 suggesting that earth is a magnet, German astrologer Johannes Kepler  in 1609 who suggested that Mars has an elliptical orbit, the Italian polymath Galileo in 1610 who observed the moons of Jupiter, the  english philosopher Francis Bacon  in 1620 who published "Novum Organum Scientarum and the new Atlantis",  Evangelista Torricelli inventor of  the barometer in 1643 and so many more. New discoveries followed fast.  Boyle, Newton, John Ray, Max Planck the pioneer of quantum physics and so many other brilliant minds laid the groundwork for the modern scientific disciplines of chemistry, astronomy, geology and physics. They have made the understanding of our world possible.

    All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. "Galileo Galilei "

    With love & on & on

  • Jun 22, 2015

    Pope Francis

    Laudato Si

    I have just read an article over the uproar on Pope Francis document on the environment and the threat of climate change called “Laudato Si” or “Praise be to you on care for our common home”. Our planet has become an immense trash can, yet we do nothing. The relation between humanity and our planet has been broken, why can't we understand that more is not more?

    Humans have caused environmental degradation since the industrial evolution started at a pace never seen before since Earths creation.  Our seas our oceans our forests are dying our wildlife disappearing yet we do nothing.

    Industrialists and politicians are fuming at the release of his encyclical document  “the pope should stick to religion” yet what do these gentlemen do?
    I am a fervent admire of this holy man of his spirituality, inspired by the life of St Francis of Assisi whose name the pope adopted. At the speed we are destroying things I believe that there is sadly not much time left for human kind to realize that we are all connected to each other and to our planet.

    This  rupture as the pope calls it in his Encyclical release“ is a sin against the environment” an ecological sin. I hope that his message will be heard and followed.

    With love & on & on & on


  • Mar 01, 2015

    The Illegal Wildlife Trade And The Climate Change

    The illegal wildlife trade has to stop. It is threatening to overturn decades of conservation gains.

    Wildlife crime is a big business ....

    Officials have estimated that close to 25,000 elephants were killed in 2013 to supply the illegal ivory trade, with ivory reportedly priced over US $2,200 per kg on the streets of Beijing ,China. In 2011, Ivory representing the amount of 2500 elephants was  seized in the 13 largest seizures of illegal ivory. Poaching also threatens the last wild tigers. In 2013 just 3,200 tigers were left  ...yes 3,200 ...the current number today may hover closer to 3000... Rhinos are being slaughtered for their horn because these same horns are supposed to cure fever cancer and liver problems.  These beautiful animals are often left in agony with their horns cut off and as their population is drastically diminishing ,the price for a horn climbs even higher and higher.  Rhino poaching increased 5000% between 2007 and 2012 with one animal killed by a poacher every 10 hours.

    Last year the last black rhino was declared extinct.

    A poacher will get USD $300 for a horn, that same horn will be sold for USD $1,000 in the nearby village and by the time it gets to  Hong Kong it will have reached up to USD $300 000.  Who is to blame? The poacher that maybe does not know better or the person that ordered that horn? Today illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth US $50-150 billion a year. We must understand that the loss of all these species will have devastating consequences. Our planet has lost half of its wildlife in the past 40 years .
    Animals are being decimated by humans. We are polluting and destroying their habitats. Currently we are cutting down trees faster than they  can grow.  We are catching fish faster than the seas can restock. we are pumping water faster than rainfall can replenish and emitting more climate warming carbon dioxide than ocean and forests can absorb. We..all of us, are responsible  for not doing enough for not really caring for not realizing that this will have an impact on all of us. Animals ,trees, plants , and oceans are part of an eco system that we are destroying. The ice is melting and within a matter of years the Artic sea will be completely ice-free during the summer months. As ice melts, the oceans rise. Global sea levels have risen about 8 inches since 1870. If this trend continues, many coastal areas, where roughly half of the Earth's human population lives, will be under water.

    The dramatic effects of climate change due to  our selfish behavior, the destruction of wildlife, of the seas, of the oceans and rivers and the deforestation of approximately 18 million acres ( the size of Panama) every year is and will be devastating for human society for our planet.

    So what are we waiting for ...Isn' t it time to act?

    With love & on & on & on

  • Feb 16, 2015

    My Dog Lester

    I't's been almost 2 weeks that Lester died. He was my friend, my little pooch, my love. He traveled around the world with me, shared my life my pains and my joys. A few years ago as I was going through a rough time he never left my side and for a few weeks even lost the hair around his neck as he took my stress I guess. He was a little 3 pound chihuahua but thought he was a lion. He was never afraid, had a real temper, showed his teeth when he would not travel with me when I d have to leave him home, and for the last 11 years every night as I'd give him a kiss goodnight on his round head and say "good night Lester" he would growl at me. We had "this thing" you know my  dog and I.

    When we traveled to America he would sleep the whole way through snoring during half of the flight. I would be asked "do you give something?" No, I never did. He was just the best traveller! He would hide in the bottom of my hand bag when I told him "Lester hide" when I sometimes took him with me in restaurants in the U.S. ( I know .. It's not allowed) I am sure he knew that otherwise he would have to stay in my hotel room Europe it was easy as dogs are allowed in restaurants. When I was recording he would lie next to me or on the couch with his pink earplugs not a care in the world... yes .... I  know .... Pink.  He traveled with me to Rio Bresil and to so many other places he loved lying on the sandy beach under an umbrella he loved being on a boat and when was wet he looked like a white rat. People always wanted to touch him he was a real charmer I think he liked all the attention but when he was in my handbag he became a tiger. Lester was the best anti pickpocket "Alarm" I guess.

    I miss my dog every day. The emptiness is hard. I still see him running up the stairs rushing in the kitchen when hearing the magic word " food, stealing my german shepherd's food. She was terrified of him ...mad! I miss not having Lester sleep, lying on my bathrobe, in my bathroom. I miss Lester not sleeping between my feet under the blanket anymore.  I have cried so much these last few days I could not have written this blog before, I tried but the words just would not come.

    If there is a doggy paradise, I know that my pooch is there. His little heart free of pain .
    Lester, you made me a better person. You showed me what unconditional love is and your memory in my heart will never die. Thank you for having been by my side all these years I will never forget you.
    Be happy my dog.


  • Feb 04, 2015

    Information At All Costs

    I was shocked today to see pictures on Twitter of the Jordanian pilot burning in a cage. I do not understand that some people need to tweet or share these horrible pictures. For what purpose? Information? Someone answered me and said, "you cannot deny reality" my answer is, what reality? What about the family of this poor man?What if you were his mother or his father? Would you want these pictures shown? What about respect of not showing the pictures of a man dying in atrocious sufferings? What about not making publicity over death? By showing such images you give the authors of this crime exactly what they want, media coverage .

  • Dec 15, 2014

    The Climate Debate Change Is Long Over

    "The Climate Debate Change Is Long Over And There Is Nothing We Can Do"

    I just saw a scene from " The News Room" series on HBO. It is sadly so true to look around and see that we are getting to this point. We have... we are destroying our planet and all of it's living creatures. We have been told repeatedly 30, 20  and 10 years ago that we must stop polluting. We were told that there will be consequences, that we must stop our selfish and greedy behavior before it gets to a point of no return. So what have we done? Pollute even more!

    Are we on the brink of extinction? I do not know, but we have certainly taken a first class ticket to what resembles a quick way to hell...

    The problem with humans, is that the majority are only interested in what happens on their footstep or in their village, Okay let's go as far as their city. Beyond that ... Who cares... Sure what happens in the world is terrible ...but it's not happening "to me" ... So basically, who cares, as long as "I'm fine", as long as "I make money", who cares that rivers are polluted, that the ice is melting, that wild life is disappearing, that our planet is sick...sick of us.

    Leaders of the wealthiest countries are not even capable of signing the Kyoto agreement. Have they never thought that it would have been the right thing to do? Are they that blinded by the power of money, of always wanting more, that they do not get that everything is connected, that we are all connected? We are connected because we share the same planet, the same air, the same water and oxygen.

    Do you seriously believe that borders will change anything ....that what happens in Asia will stay in Asia, or in Africa, or in Europe or in America? If tomorrow there are no more forests there will be droughts, fires, food shortages & millions of people dying. Revolutions and wars that if the ice continues to melt at its present speeds there will be floods in a way we can't even imagine ...what will borders be of use then? It will be too late if it isn't already...

    I saw a trailer for the movie "Interstellar" a few days ago. Now let me see If I get this right, let me get this into context ..... Humans find another another planet to save humankind ...from  the effects of humankind ...what do you think they will do with that new planet? Their last achievement was to destroy the previous planet  "Earth" do you think they would do better with this one? Sadly history shows that we forget, that we do not learn from our mistakes, our memory span is very short... As soon as things get better we start again and take the same path that let us to chaos.

    It can be seen over the centuries, open any history book, have we learned anything? We still fight, we still kill, over religion, greed, envy & lust. Look at the economy, look at our personal lives, have we learned? Will we ever learn? I mean really learn and change? Mars actually could be the example of what our planet is going to look like...Apparently there was life on that planet before. Wouldn't that be a great scenario! Mars was similar to our a Earth light years ago than men came... destroyed it ...and looked for another planet ... Hey I need another pair of shoes.

    Bon ...because I am an optimist. I still wish for a miracle, but it needs to come fast. When it will be too late nothing will make a difference anymore will be over.
    Do we really so not care to let that happen?

    The Scene That Inspired The Blog

    With love and on & on & on
    Un bacio & ciao

  • Oct 31, 2014

    Cows, Milk And Chocolate

    I am a vegetarian but not a vegan.

    Since I was a teenager I have been a vegetarian.  At first it was not because I loved animals, I mean I loved animals as far back as I can remember. At age 4, I had a bunch of baby lions sleeping on my bed, 2 chimpanzees and other exotic creatures running around me as well as dogs and rabbits. In case you wonder the rabbits died of old age. At that time I did not understand or think that eating meat or not had anything to do with loving animals.

    The reason I became a vegetarian was because as a kid I had to have a piece of meat everyday and I still remember these endless hours in front of my plate trying to find a way out hoping that piece of meat would vanish or run away if I concentrated hard enough, obviously it never happened. Today it is a different matter. I am glad to be a vegetarian. When I see the way animals are they are killed, when I hear how domestic livestock are being slaughtered or cows being stunned unable to walk to their deaths, hoisted up by their legs onto conveyor belts, even if the animal is still alive...I could never eat meat again but I do not judge those that do.

    I do not think that I could become a vegan though, drinking milk or eating eggs  occasionally does not bother me. I was raised on milk and yogurts .There was a farm next to my house up in the Swiss mountains. The cows lived (they still do today) in the fields and in the high mountain pasture in summer and would only return late September. I would have fresh warm milk almost everyday from, believe me, very happy cows. We also used to have fresh eggs once a week from the farmers chickens that were running free all day long in the fields on the hills around my house, on my door step, and in front of my dog's nose who could not care less. So definitively no no... I could not become a vegan for the simple reason that I love chocolate and that there is nothing nicer than a hot chocolate drink with crème chantilly on a stormy snowy day when it is freezing outside.

    Un Bacio & A Kiss & On & On & On


  • Oct 13, 2014

    Malala and Kailash

    Pakistan and India share the 2014 Nobel prize for Peace. The Nobel prize is a set of annual international awards bestowed in a number of categories by Swedish and Norwegian committees in recognition of cultural and /or scientific advances. The will of the Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel established the prizes in 1895.

    It is a wonderful message that these 2 people send to the world. A message of love, determination, courage and perseverance. Two countries that are not best of friends share a nobel prize, in todays world with all the turmoil going on it shows that there is always a way.

    A candle shining in a room but covered daily with veils of darkness will not be seen anymore. It is hidden under these layers of darkness similar to the veils we have added over our lives over the years. When we remove these veils, the light of the candle will shine again.

    Malala is a wonderful young girl. She is a Pakistani female education activist.
    In 2009, aged 11, she wrote a blog for the BBC under a pseudonym explaining her life under Taliban occupation. On the afternoon of 9 October 2012 she boarded her school bus in the Northwest Pakistani district of Swat .A gunman asked for her by name and fired three shots. One bullet hit the left side of her forehead. She survived. She was shot because she wanted girls to be allowed to attend school to receive an education to learn to write and to read. She launched “The Malala Fund”, a non profit organization focused on helping girls go to school and promoting their right of education. “They can only shoot a body, they cannot shoot my dreams” Malala said

    Kailash Satyarthi has been fighting child slavery for decades in India. Since the last three decades he has used undercover operatives and camera crew to find the airless workrooms and mine shafts where children were being kept. He is the eighth Indian to win a Nobel, and only the second after -Mother Teresa- to win the Peace Prize.

    A 17 year old young girl and an indian child rights activist show us that nothing is impossible. This is a lesson for us all.

    With love & on & on & on

  • Jan 15, 2014

    The Present

    Why always worry about  tomorrow or  talk about the past, what is the point if you don' t live the present?

    Would it not be nice to appreciate what happens now and not always worry about what could happen? I think that our society does not take time anymore to appreciate the simple things of life and that we sadly take so many things for granted.  Isn't it a shame that all has to go so fast and that as soon as you have done something, bought something or eventually enjoyed something you already think of something more, something better, forgetting to appreciate  that  moment? Is it not sad that something you bought a week ago is already old and that everything always has to be more and that nothing is ever enough?

    Enjoy the present. It is precious.

    With love & on & on & on

  • Jun 24, 2013


    It s 7am.. I'm in a plane to Switzerland. My pooch Kiu died last night. I had hoped that I'd get there on time this morning. I was praying that she would die in my arms. She did not make it and I'm left with with a hole in my heart. I spoke to her on the phone yesterday night round 11 pm whispering  in her ear  that I was there that she would be alright that all would be fine that she could go to sleep. The lady that takes care of my dogs when I'm away told me that when she heard my voice she moved her ears, her head and tried to get up. I know she was old and I know this was going to happen but still I am so terribly sad. Those who lost a pet, I know can understand and will not think that I am completely mad. She only looked like a German Shepherd from the outside but I'm sure she thought she was a lap dog. She could play for hours in the snow, loved being with me in the car, in a plane, loved swimming and she had the most sweet eyes. She loved her comfort especially my bed or the couch and would always find the best air conditioned spot when it got 2 warm. My chihuahua Lester would always boss her around, sleep in her tail and eat all her food. When I got her she was 3 months old with huge paws and a big black nose. She was allergic to meat but loved eating fish I had never heard of a German Shepherd allergic to meat before!

    My plane is landing in 30 min then I'll have a 3 hours drive before I can see her and bury her back home. The vet that took care of her these last year's is a wonderful person and I thank her for opening the clinic on a sunday and having tried all that was possible to save my dog.

    To my pooch dog paradise you can now finally eat meat.  You were my friend my half and gave me so much joy,
    Be happy.


  • Jun 01, 2013


    He will be 100 next week what a life he has led.
    A life full of adventures that could fill a hundred books.
    A life filled with romance that would make a blind man blush.
    I life filled with parties that only had his equal with  Gatsby the great.
    A life filled with travels that would make Jules Verne envious.
    He has met all there was to meet has done all there was to do.
    Some mistakes along his way but no regrets he says regrets are for the weak.
    I am lucky to have known you  
    Happy birthday to you.
  • Mar 18, 2013

    Crabby Old Man

    When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in North Platte, Nebraska  it was believed that he had nothing left of any value. Later when the nurses were going through his meager possessions, they found this poem.

    What do you see nurses? What do you see?
    What are you thinking when you are looking at me?
    A crabby old man not very wise
    Uncertain of habit with faraway eyes?
    Who dribbles his food and makes no reply
    When you say in a loud voice .. I do wish you d try.
    Who seems not to notice a sock or a shoe?
    Who , resisting or not let's you do as you will,
    With bathing and feeding the long day to fill?
    Is that what you re thinking is that what you see?
    Then open your eyes nurse you re not looking at me .

    I ll tell you who I am as I sit there so still
    As I do your bidding as I eat at your will .
    I m a small child of ten with a father and a mother,
    Brothers and sisters who love one another.
    A young boy of sixteen with wings on his feet
    Dreaming that soon now a lover he ll meet
    A groom soon at twenty my heart gives a Leap
    Remembering the vows that I promised to keep.

    At twenty five now I have young of my own
    Who need me to guide and a secure happy home.
    A man of thirty my young now grow fast
    Bound to each other with ties that should last .

    At forty my young sons have grown and are gone
    But my woman s beside me to see I don't mourn.
    At fifty once more babies play round my knee
    Again we know children my loved one and me .

    Dark days are upon me my wife is now dead
    I look at the future shudder with dread .
    For my young are all rearing young of their own
    And I think of the years and the love that I've known.
    I'm an old man and nature is cruel
    This test to make old age look like a fool
    The body it crumbles grace and vigor depart
    There is a stone where I once had a heart.

    But inside this old carcass a young guy still dwells,
    And now and again my battered heart swells.
    I remember the joys I remember the pain
    And I m loving and living life over again .
    I think of the years all too few ...gone too fast
    And accept the stark fact that nothing can last.
    So open your eyes people .. Open and see

    Not a crabby old man look closer... See me.

    I was very touched by this poem it makes me think ....what  have we become?
    so Take care of your parents love them and protect them,
    Don't abandon them because they are old ....
    Keep them home and take care of them as they have taken care of you
    Don't let them die alone with only a poem left ....
    One day we will be old too ...

     With love & Liebe & on & on


  • Mar 01, 2013

    Where Does The Catholic Church Go

    "I'm in peace with God, my conflict is with man" Charlie Chaplin

    Yesterday February 28th at 8pm Pope Benedict XVI officially retired and left the Catholic church in unprecedented limbo as he became the first pope in 700 years to resign.

    His last speech was short and humble, then he disappeared from the balcony to become Pope Emeritus. Benedict's fisherman ring (each Pope receives a ring made for him)and sealed were destroyed.

    I as I'm sure 100 of millions of other people are wondering where the church will go from here. What will be the impact of his legacy? The church is doped by scandals and broke the trust of many believers. Actions need to be taken against the bishops that betrayed the words of God and against, it seems the deep rotten root of pedophile priests in the heart of the Vatican the church itself.

    These offenders should be severely punished and not return to their ministry.
    I believe in God. I believe in his unsurpassed love but I also believe that his message of love and his words have been squandered distorted and wasted. What have we done with them?

    Why did we waste what we have received? Why did we let the evil overtake?
    God has not left us, we have. We have to find our way again and listen to our souls. We need to live again with values, with honesty and with morals. We need to live with the love of God, with the energy or with the light. Call it as you want, but we have to fight the hard battle against our greed, our sins and our egos. Against the dark side that lurks in all of us and that has turned our world in what it is today, we are responsible. 
    Pope Benedict's last tweet was:

    “Thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the center of your lives.”

    May he be right.

    With love & on &

  • Dec 27, 2012

    Happy New Year

    Life is what you make of it. The people you meet, the ones you love, the ones you love a little bit less ...your failures but also your achievements. I have lost a loved one and made many mistakes. I have been very sad & I have been happy. I have met the wrong people that have hurt me or broken my trust. I have been 2 naïve and often 2 scared with doubt along the way. I have felt envy sometimes.. I admit...been so lost and sometimes 2 sure of myself. I believed I had it all only to realize that I was so wrong. I have lived for the wrong things and met the wrong people. I have given 2 much value to dreams without meanings. I have sometimes left my ego take over only 2 wake up with a harsh reality but always with a twinkling light not far away...that gave me hope, erased some of my doubts and gave me the strength to believe in me even if others didn't. I have no idea what the future holds. I have learned to appreciate the present and thank God for what I have.

    From Brazil with love I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy successful and peaceful year 2013.

    Un Bacio &un beso & a kiss
    Feliz natal e feliz ano novo

  • Oct 30, 2012

    Megastorm Sandy

    Megastorm Sandy is blowing across the North East of the US, I hope that you are all safe.

    Mother Nature is not happy.  I was walking the other day to a meeting when I saw a few meters away an old lady. She was dressed in rugs pushing a cart filled with rubbish and plastic bags. She was looking for food I guess or something she could use in a trash can. I gave her a bit of money, I felt helpless...

    It angers me that we are not capable in today's world to eradicate poverty to help these people in need. Year after year I feel that nothing changes, on the contrary, it seems to get worse with the economical situation, wars or environmental changes ....
    But we all  of us are responsible.

    We created the world we live in. Nothing is random. Nothing happens by chance... The seed we planted a day, a month, a year or 20 years ago even if we have forgotten about it... well, that seed will one day be thrown straight back into our face...

    I also believe that we learn from our mistakes ... At least that's the idea...and that nothing cannot be changed for the best if we believe if we have certainty and accept the results of our mistakes. If we eradicate our selfish ways, our egocentricity and start thinking in a different way so much could be avoided, so much could be done. We all need each other cause alone we cannot live.

    Solidarity should not just be a word.

    With Liebe con amor & amour & on & on

  • Oct 18, 2012

    An Article In The Herald Tribune By Dennis Overbye

    A team of European astronomers announced that it had found a planet with the same mass as earths in Alpha Centauri, a triple star system that is the sun's closest neighbor, 4.4 light-years away.

    The planet is the lightest one ever found orbiting another star and in the words of his discoverer, Xavier Dumusque, a graduate student at the Geneva observatory, it will surely be the closest one ever.

    It is presumably a rocky ball like our own, but it is not habitable. It circles around Centauri B a reddish orb about half as luminous as the sun, every 3 years at a distance of about 4million miles, or 6.4 million kilometers, resulting in hellish surface temperatures of 650 degres celsius.

    So this is not “Earth2.0” Yet.
    Astronomers say the discovery raised the possibility that there were habitable Earth like planets right next door and that methods and instruments were now precise enough to detect them.
    The Article goes on..

    I find it fascinating don't you? We are just so small in a universe without end.
    Mit Love & Liebe & Con Amor

  • Oct 12, 2012


    A beautiful ray of light brought from heaven shines between the clouds and through the forest made me think of you. The hills are green and the trees in a fairy tale shade of red and green that only Autumn brings alive filled my heart with the memory of you.
    There are days like these where I miss you so much that words will never be strong enough .
    I love you
  • Oct 08, 2012


    A phone call..I reacted to a situation the other day and although I didn't want  to.. had prepared myself not to but I fell right into it...
    I'm still angry against two people that were very close to me and have disappointed me one of them being my best friend. We all react differently when problems arise and there is no judgment in what I'm saying but I know that I would never have acted that way. Honesty is very important. Certain things you just don't do between best friends or family and if you do.. at least you are honest about it. You don't lie about it. You don't act behind someone's back

    We always have two choices when we are confronted by a problem whatever the situation is we can be proactive or reactive. Chaos or problems arise, accept them don't reject them. They are a necessary step toward something much better.  They are there as a wake up call to make you realize that you are on the wrong road so embrace them and learn from them it's not easy but you will feel so much better after.


    Yell and scream. Get it out. Insult the person that triggered your anger, your  disappointment, your problem.. really let it out. Go for might feel better for a moment.. but so much worse in the long run don't you agree?

    I believe that everything happens for a reason and the way we react or not to that situation makes the whole difference.
    I'm still learning

    Mit liebe & on & on


  • Sep 30, 2012

    My Dog BV

    I was in LA preparing for my concert and definitively not thinking of adopting a dog..I have 3 at home. A friend sent me a picture on my Facebook page about a puppy that was at the LA animal shelter I was told it was a kill shelter. I look at the pic and think what a sweety, so after rehearsals the following day I went to the shelter to adopt that pooch.

    In a small cage a little white dog with a blue eye only a few weeks old. I ask ...but there is no way I can take her back with me to Europe. She is 2 young and has no shots &  no rabies shot. They have to be 5 month old. I had named her Twix (she has since then been rescued)

    Suddenly I hear a sound one cage higher on the left ..and a small paw through the bars ..with a noise, not a bark you know,  more like a cry...

    The sweetest eyes with big expressive eyebrows telling me  I'm sure ... please don't leave me here. Take me with u.  I will never cause u any trouble...
    I'm thinking this is weird. I did not come to adopt that pooch but my heart fell in love .. Immediately ...and these eyes...then I think Sylvia.. come on be reasonable...

    I leave back to the hotel a picture of the pooch in my blackberry ..that I look at over and over.... Just could not  leave her there ...

    Next morning I'm back ..she is still there. I take her with me, bought a travel pooch bag on La Cienega and a collar,  leash, toys & mke an appointment at the vet. She had a cough..

    Great people at the London West Hollywood Hotel on N San Vicente. I can only recommend it they didn't make me pay for her because she is a rescue, merci.

    The concert went well with BV asleep in my hotel room. The following day we drove to Anaheim. She was a sweety in the car all the way. Back in LA and then off to Switzerland a 12 hours flight. I was a bit worried  such a long flight for a puppy just out of a shelter but not a sound, not a bark, an angel.

    I called her BV for Beverly. Please rescue a pooch, the happiness I see in her eyes is oh so worth it.

    Merci & danke
    Fight against puppy mills and animal cruelty
    Make a difference
    Animal cruelty  IS A CRIME

    With love & on & on & on


  • Sep 07, 2012

    Raining Colors

    When raining colors
    Are In every song
    It feels so wrong
    Should i go on
    My thoughts are gone
    Don't know how
    Don't know when
    Have 2 decide
    My hearts like a stone
    Shades of grey and sand
    Miserable day
    Bloody month of may

    Liars and twisted minds
    Sadly in my world so real
    Trust & honesty 4 them is 2b weak..
    Before my eyes what can I do
    When raining colors
    Change ur heart
    From dark to blue....
    To be continued..
  • Aug 30, 2012

    Airport Stories And Shoes

    This always happens 2 me. I just broke my heel ...trying to glue it back before I take the plane.

  • Aug 16, 2012

    Amazing Things

    A mass of  volcanic rock the size of Belgium almost as huge as Haiti is floating off New Zealand. The rock stretches for about 26,000 square kilometers (10,000square miles)
    Scientist say the rocks likely spewed up in an eruption by an underwater volcano.
    A navy ship took scientists to the rock it appeared a brilliant white under a spotlight, like a giant ice shelf.

    Possible UFO
    The Swedish team of treasure hunters “ocean explorer”found by sonar on the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia near the coast of Sweden a strange round object, about several dozen meters in diameter, at a depth of nearly 100meters, on which grooves run along the bottom. Lindeberg's team was using the sonar to look for the century old wreck of a ship that went down carrying several cases of super rare champagne. Instead the team discovered a round object that might or not be extraterrestrial, Peter Lindberg's  team leader says his team has neither the interest nor the resources to further investigate the anomaly.

    Deep ocean research is time-consuming and expensive. The article states, If the object were indeed a flying saucer recovering it could potentially be worth millions or billions of dollars but if it is a natural formation it would probably be a waste of time and money.
    There is so much we do not know fiction or reality who knows...


  • Aug 12, 2012


    I read this today and wanted to share it with you.
    There is a light force that exists in each and everyone of us.
    It is not worrying about what I feel but worrying about what we feel that brings success that makes a change.

    When we do this when we stop thinking in a selfish way then we will get to a place where the sense of unity exists where we create our own miracles, where everything is possible.

    In work, in friendship, in love, nothing happens by itself, we all need each other because alone we are lost.

    With liebe und amore con amor & love

    Help the fight against puppy mills
    & animal cruelty & check out this organization called Soi dogs. They are great people doing an amazing job they need your help in the fight against the Trade of Shame the trade of dog meat please have a look at their website

    You can make a difference
    Thank you, Danke

  • Jul 29, 2012

    A Thought

    I was looking at the sea this morning... how peaceful it must have been 100 years ago before boats plastic bags and pollution..

    They say that whales, dolphins, sea mammals are more and more disturbed and disoriented by the increasing noise that we create and by the sonar & radars used for various purposes.  (i.e. the military & commercial fishing etc..)
    When disoriented, these animals cannot communicate find their way ...  They end dead on a beach....

    They say the Mediterranean sea is dying ...die kontinental platten verschieben sich Afrika rückt Europa näher. They say that one day it will be empty of any life form.
    They say that we even managed to pollute our orbit with garbage space debris..old pieces of shuttles rockets old satellites ...over 600,000 of them bigger than 1cm or half an inch  only 13000 of them  are registered and “supervised” by the space surveillance systems.

    In 1978 a NASA advisor Donald J Kessler said debris will be more dangerous in the future then  meteorites It would  become  impossible to launch new satellites or space ships in the more cell phones GPS no more this reality or fiction?
    The biggest collision. happened in February 10 2009 when a iridium satellite crashed with a deactivated Russian communication satellite 789 km up in space over north Siberian ..imagine how much more debris now...
    Mankind ..Aren't we just wonderful...

    We know that we kill for money and power
    We know that in some countries children are not safe and die everyday 
    We know that we are damaging our world
    We don t know how long before...
    Or do we..
    Is there still hope...
    You tell me.

    Help the fight against animal cruelty and please help this great non profit organization in their fight against the dog trade meat.

    Merci & danke & thank you &
    On & On

  • Jul 28, 2012


    STOP animal cruelty NOW
    STOP puppy mills NOW
    Thank You
  • Jul 18, 2012

    You Idiot

    I have learned in the last 15 months that things happen...they sure do...that life can be unpredictable. It sure is.Sometime it's not so nice sometime it's very sad or very unexpected but it s always happening to make you question why ... Maybe to make you realize certain things things unpleasant or scary or a zillion other things ..that your ego did not want you to see...

    Lately a very good friend has disappointed me.The sad thing is that this friend did not even have the courage to tell me what he did ..I had to learn it from someone's such a small world...pathetic and disappointing? Yes I think.

    You have to have courage in life. Courage and guts and not be an opportunist. A sheep amongst the sheep. If you do something. Whatever that thing is then stand by it don't be weak you are responsible for your actions ..So then be a man!
    Shouldn' t friendship mean something? Hmm ..respect and honesty? Yes it should.
    I'm not even angry maybe just a little sad but as all the rest will pass

    Think about it
    Ciao &&&
  • Jul 18, 2012

    What To Write?

    I feel like writing but I have no idea what I could write about  ..not a good start...yes I know.Bon je n ai vraiment aucun théme qui me vient à l esprit..c est désolant mais bon.
    Juste une pensée...Nous vivons dans un monde de fou.. jusqu où irons nous?
    je trouve le récomfort lorsque je suis entourée de mes animaux de mes amis de gens encore relativement sain d esprits( j espère....)  je pense alors que tout pourrait etre si simple seulement ..Si seulement nous arrêtions notre folie ,notre égoisme, notre habilité à  détruire au nom d une religion ou de croyances stupides et d intérets pathétiques ..Mes propos peuvent semblaient ridicules une utopie ils le sont vielleicht maybe  ... mais bon it doesn't matter. As long as you believe in what you do as long as you try it is already a lot better then not believing don t you think..

    Help the fight against puppy mills and animal cruelty and please help this great non profit organization to fight  against the dog meat  trade.. the trade of shame.

    I believe that we, that you, can make a difference.
    With liebe & amor & con amore & 1 kuss

  • Jul 02, 2012

    Rio Summit

    20 years have passed since the Rio Summit in Brazil and nothing has changed.
    Deforestation over fishing pollution & pollution all over our blue planet..
    We stupid fools!

    That the climate has drastically changed is a fact that today no one can deny but still none of our leaders are capable of making decisions or sticking to them. The only thing that has changed over all these years are the idiots sitting around the negotiation tables around the world ...

    Power money & greed are still their primary concern but when nothing will be left what then....

    There is no doubt that industry has an important impact on our planet just look around.

    The conflict between developing nations or so called developed ones ...always come back ...

    They say ..You have polluted this planet for the last 50 years ..this is the reason you are today.. so wealthy and why should we not do the same?..

    That China &the USA and on a lower level Russia still do not want to give the example  by entering the Kyoto protocol is a crime against our planet .
    They just do nothing when they should come? Are they really so blind so selfish or just ignorant? 

    And in Asia the biggest problem is the water pollution there again nothing is done.

    This will touch us one day soon. The industrial production site pollution go in small rivers to bigger and then to the sea ...

    The Yang Tse Kiang river in China is totally polluted with chemicals it is the 3rd longest river in the world.

    The Mekong river is going the same way but are we are doing?  
    We have to commit.

    We cannot continue doing the same mistakes over and over because soon it will be beyond repair ... if not already...

    And when nothing will be left than what?

    I am confused and angry at the state of our planet at what we have done with it.
    There can be no more thinking or maybes because change has to be now so that “maybe” we can avoid the worst.

    With love & &

  • Jun 01, 2012

    Because Sunday Is Mothers Day Here

    Just because you can not see me
    Does not mean that I m not there
    Just because I do not speak
    Does not mean that I do not care
    Just because I can not talk
    Does not mean that I m not listening
    Just because I m not with you
    Does not mean that I do not love you
    Because as soon as you need me
    I will be there
    This poem was sent to me by friend and written by a 12 year old girl named Abigail Matemba.
    I felt I had to share it with you
    Losing someone you love  feels like an ocean of sadness in ones heart  .
    With much love
  • May 25, 2012


    Mama I know how much you loved me
    Your caring smile all of my life
    And mama I had so much love to give
    You were my flesh and blood all my life

    And mama I know it wasn't easy
    When I wanted you to set me free
    And fly away with my own wings
    You had to live with so many fears

    Things that we've done
    Things that we've said
    All of these years
    Our hearts were there
    Sometimes too far
    Some words too hard
    But always there
    But always there

    And I remember those beautiful years 
    So close they feel like yesterday
    And then this day of may
    That in my heart brought so much pain
    So these words are for you never another mother would I have wanted more than you
    So Elsa listen it's fine
    So Elsa listen it's fine

    These last few words I said to you
    I pray the lord you heard them to
    My love for you will never die
    Rest in peace  Elsa it's fine

  • May 23, 2012

    The Trade Of Shame

    Some people might think ...there are so many problems in this world who the hell cares about animals they are just animals....I have heard this so many times...

    How wrong these people are.

    We need a balance - this earth needs a balance and it is not for us to decide to kill & torture.  The trade of shame -  which is the trade of dog meat has to stop now. Not tomorrow or maybe in a few month...years...this has to stop now.How can you eat dog meat ...can anyone please explain ...traditions? religion? Not an excuse NOT an excuse. How far can some people go in their madness cruelty and stupidity?
    So your help is needed in this fight to stop this madness, one of so many I know.

    Please help the non profit organization Soidogs. Go to their website
    Your help can make a change.

    If you want to buy a dog/cat  then please rescue one. faites une bonne action il y en a tellement dans les refuges qui n attendent qu une deuxieme chance Por favor ayuda luchar ! gracias

    With amour con amor & liebe & on & love is the only real thing

  • May 10, 2012

    Lake Vostok Antarctica

    For many years it was thought that life could not exist below a certain depth or above a certain heat.A lake under the Antarctic ice is about to tell us if this is true or not. Russian scientists for the last 14 years have drilled and  poured 60tonnes of freon and kerosene down a four kilometer bore hole that plunges through the ice of Lake Vostok that will stop the hole freezing during the long Antarctic winter. Eventually they intend to explore this new world that no human eye ever saw this lake has been buried under the ice for at least the last 20 M years.They expect to find life creatures tiny single celled organisms that can only be seen with a microscope but with supposedly  new novel genetic structure and new survival strategies. They will be a class of creature now known as Extremophiles, creatures that love extreme conditions.

    The study of these creatures it is written is only at the beginning but they have widened the idea of life on our earth and given hope of detecting life in space. For example Jupiter's moon Aurora is an ocean of ice but beneath which there could be lakes like the Vostok lake and maybe life.I find this very interesting but raises my concern on the way it will be handled. Do we need to disturb something that has been sealed from the world for the last 20M years? It's like these beautiful Lascaux caves in France famous for their paleolithic paintings discovered by 2 teenagers in 1940. Today the drawings made by our ancestors from the ice age, 35,000 year old, are being attacked by a fungus brought in by humans due to too many visitors and by the air conditioning that was installed. Would there not be a risk of contamination as it happened in these caves?

    But  if the lake is sterile well then it would be the only place on earth where you could find water without life.

    Interesting no?
    So much unknown and that is maybe the beauty of it.

    With liebe & und & und & und
  • May 04, 2012

    It's A Beautiful World ....

    An artificial island the size of Texas made of trash has been found in the North Pacific. This trash vortex is made of 100 million tons of garbage such as plastic slow degrading garbage dead fish mammals and birds that get snared.

    Apparently these vortex exist all over our seas and are getting bigger everyday and all of this thanks us ....
    A team of scientists and volunteers are expected to leave San Diego this month to study it.
    How far do things need to go and how much do we have to pollute and destroy before we realize? Will that only be when nothing is left? So much needs to be done but maybe, hey maybe...if we stopped using plastic bags that so difficult....
    It makes you think doesn't it ? 
  • May 03, 2012

    Take Off The Ego

    I would like to share this with you
    There was once a poor beggar who dressed in rags because he had no money to buy clothes.
    A kind tailor decided to help him.The tailor took his measurements and told the beggar to come back in a couple of hours.When the beggar returned and tried on the clothes,he began yelling at the tailor “These clothes don t even fit!”
    The new clothes will fit you the tailor said but first you have to take off your old ones.
    For the same reason we have  to rid ourselves of our egocentric  thinking otherwise there is no room for the light of the creator to enter us.

    Believing in ourselves.. it's hard sometimes ...but it's worth it
    With love,
  • Apr 10, 2012

    Another Blonde Day

    Another blond day ...
    On my way to my vocal coach this morning, I banged my forehead on the angle of her mailbox as I was standing up after having picked up Lester (my chihuahua)....I started bleeding but luckily I do not need stitches! Hurt like hell though...saw I zillion stars...a few minutes before that, I got blocked between the security doors of my bank for 10 minutes before they were able to unlock the doors .....
    Have a nice day.
    With love &
  • Apr 07, 2012

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter!
    I wish you all a great Easter holiday with your family or friends.
    That this holiday brings us closer to what so many of us have forgotten or put aside ....maybe because life made it that way ....maybe because our hectic & selfish ways of living made us forget the basics of what it's all about; to live and share to love and be compassioned & to keep values and morality in our hearts's not easy sometimes ..I know...
    We should never forget to be humble and not react  when we feel humiliated because we never stop learning ....
    Live with certainty.

    With love & on & on & on
    Help the fight against puppy mills and fight against animal cruelty.

    Un beso & ein kuss

  • Mar 28, 2012

    Airport Stories

    I was running to catch my plane ...fell in the middle of the ashamed ...everything flew left & right &cherry on the cake ...I broke my heel and seriously twisted my ankle ....
    This is what being blond is all about...
    With love & on & on
    Help the fight against puppy mills and against animal cruelty
    A life is a life
    Thank you
    Un beso & ein kuss & a kiss
  • Mar 14, 2012

    The Mayans

    Is Global warming caused by mankind? So many things are being said but in the end we know so little.

    5125 years of Human history.

    There is a universal change in terms of climate change that we can't deny and it would be foolish to think otherwise. None of the scientist know what drives the cycle of the sun and solar flares. Magnetic fields are supposedly in decline? Poles shifting? The Mayan calendar reality disaster or nirvana? The Maya Empire was centered in the tropical lowlands of what is now Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, San Salvador and Honduras and reached the peak of it's power around the sixth century A.D and collapsed several hundred years later. They excelled at agriculture hieroglyph writing, calendar making and mathematics.

    The earliest Maya settlements date to around 1800 BC. They were deeply religious and worshiped various Gods related to nature including the gods of the sun. Many of their temples and palaces where built in a pyramid shape. These structures have earned the Mayas their reputation as the great artist of Mesoamerica. Guided by their religious ritual, the Mayas also made important advances in mathematics and astronomy. They discovered the number Zero and the development of a very complex calendar system based on 365 days. They carried out astronomical measurements with remarkable accuracy yet they had no instruments other than sticks. They built an observatory.

    Isn't  it amazing that they were able, with only these instruments to calculate the length of the year to 365.242 days and the calculation of the length of the lunar month. The Mayan calendar recognizes that we are approaching the end of a world age but does not prophecize that everything will come to an end.

    It is a time of transition from one world to another. Our moving through with either resistance or acceptance will determine whether the transition will happen with cataclysmic changes or peace and tranquility. The Jupiter and Venus conjunction. The planets are 450 million miles apart in space but because they are aligned in the same direction they appear just 3 degrees apart. Venus is brighter because of it's relative closeness to Earth. Conjunctions are not rare this one is just very spectacular. I looked at the sky yesterday, how beautiful these two planets shined but how small we are in this universe, amazing.

    With love & on & on

    Please help to fight animal cruelty and the fight against puppy mills

    Danke & gracias & merci


  • Feb 12, 2012

    From LA - R.I.P. Whitney Houston

    Whitney Houston died yesterday.
    She had the voice of God I was a huge fan. May she rest in peace.
    Something will be missing at the Grammys tonight.
    With love

  • Feb 06, 2012

    Nothing is Imposible

    Guten morgen LA

    It's 3am & can't sleep ... a guy in the room next 2 mine is having a party or something & screaming like a chicken. I have been debating about if i should to try and fall asleep again or complain ....ok guys I'm complaining it's the second night that “la dinde” over there is screaming his lungs out ..or should I send my guard dog my faithful chihuahua ...Lester? He wouldn't mind. Lester is jet lagged anyway:)

    I was walking in Santa Monica yesterday and I couldn't believe how many homeless were sleeping on the streets. Something is really wrong in our society. Is it normal that we don't react that we just turn our heads? Has it become that “banal”? just to walk next to a guy sleeping on the floor, his suitcase under his head and not help? Is it normal that cruelty & inhumanity have become such a part of our everyday life that we are only concerned about ourselves? What will it take for us to understand that this can't go on? We were born in a paradise and we are destroying it...just look around. We kill & decimate whatever is on our way for money,for greed,for power, for fun. We have forgotten what love is all about. That a life without values & morals isn't a life. We are all connected in one way or in another, we all live on the bloody same planet ...there are consequences in every one of our actions & reactions so tell me what happened to compassion & what will it take for us to understand? Get rid of that thought that is telling you while u read this blog, yeah sure ..what a bunch of crap ...get rid of that thought saying it s not important ..who cares, it's impossible, too complicated's NOT impossible, nothing is impossible u can make a difference but u have to start somewhere.

    Nothing happens with nothing.

    With love  & on & on & on

    Help the fight against puppy mills and help to fight against animal cruelty. If you want a dog then adopt one, go to an organization you know and trust & make a difference or check out

    Grazie y Gracias und merci et thank you

    Ciao und gute nacht


  • Jan 17, 2012


    A Blog About Divorce

    I thought I should talk about this.

    So many of my friends are going through similar stories that I thought a blog about divorce &....would be just right. I would like to start by saying something I'm sure a lot of you won't understand so don't scream when you read this. We receive what we ask for but very often it is not what we need, so when things end we don't understand why. We blame it on whatever we find to take the anger, the sadness, and the loss away. You think that you have done nothing wrong, that it's so unfair think, why me ...but if from the beginning you chose the wrong person for the wrong reasons then it can only end the wrong way. I sometimes wonder what happened to values and morality in our society? Was it always like this or have things gotten so bad because today everything is normal, everything is ok?  What I see around me, what I hear on the news and in the newspapers makes me realize that something is seriously wrong... it makes me think .... I would like to live in a world where values have a meaning. Where lying, stealing, and cheating is not okay. A world where people would stop being greedy, selfish and cruel . Where we would respect one an other, respect nature & live in harmony isn't that possible? I believe it is...I hope it is.

    We are 7 billion people on this planet, we should accept our differences and not fight over them & certainly not use God as a reason to kill & destroy . Any and I mean ANY religion & belief that brings us to react with anger & hatred is a terrible thing, look at our world today ....

    I am certainly not the only one to think that way why not fight for a better world & bring back some sense, some kindness and morality to our lives. Why not start with our family, our children, our friends, our neighborhood, our village or city & on & on & on. If negativity can have so much power over us why not change it into something positive? After all it's the same energy.  What we make of it is what makes the difference .
    Our choices and our actions make our tomorrow. We are all responsible and I believe that we can make a change. Spread the word... if each one of u could reach just 1 person imagine how beautiful our world could be.
    With love & on & on & on

    Any cruelty against animals is a crime so please help the Humane Society of the United States in their fight & please help the fight against puppy mills

    Danke & merci & grazie


  • Dec 30, 2011

    The Homeless

    The Homeless
    Tomorrow  is the 31st please help them in anyway you can.
    Help in shelters or help on the streets so that they find comfort, warmth,  a roof, something to eat.

    Why not volunteer for a few hours? I'm sure a lot of shelters/organizations, need our help and if u have some warm clothes that u don't need anymore please think about donating them.

    Guys we really have to start to live with values and morals again so may things need to change.

    So many things are not right we need to push aside our selfishness, our ego, our vanity. We have to start believing again. We have to stop thinking that money is the only goal; that cheating, lying, and stealing is something normal and stop living only for ourselves. We have lost the balance because we have no more limits ... this is wrong. Really it is. You have to listen to your soul. You have to listen to your heart.

    Thank you for reading me. I wish you a happy new year & une bonne année & buon ano & froehliche festagen

    With love & liebe & con amor
    & on & on & on


  • Dec 27, 2011

    Countdown 2 The New Year

    Just 4 days before 2012, I wish you all a happy new year health & happiness &... &... &... &...
    My blog will be short, there are just 2 things I'd like to ask for the new year;
    Please help the homeless. I believe that although so much is wrong in our world kindness and compassion still exist. Don't turn your heads or look away. We all are one.

    The second issue close to my heart is animal cruelty.  You guys can help make a change. Animals are part of our world. They are living creatures; breathe the same air we do and are part of our lives in a way or in another. They deserve if not love at least respect because if they disappear then we will disappear. Life is all about balance, you guys really can make a change because today will make tomorrow

    Danke & gracias & merci & thx
    Mit liebe & on & on & on

  • Dec 15, 2011


    It's this time of the year again. Christmas is close, the decorations are on everywhere. It's magical, isn't it? It's as if time stopped for a moment making us forget all of the madness of this world ...we become kids again. It's such a nice feeling isn't it? But Christmas can also be a difficult time for a lot of people that are alone, sick or desperate Christmas can be a  moment of pain and sadness. Maybe it brings back the memories of the loss of a loved one or of a life that once was. For those who feel like that now, I just want to say please do not lose hope. If you think that you can't take it anymore than fight don't give up. BELIEVE that whatever you have done in the past that you might regret today will allow you to have a chance today and tomorrow to make it better. Whatever your financial situation might be...losing your home, your job, your health, if you think there is no way out are wrong because there is. Fight against that dark feeling that wants to steal your heart away. There is always a light somewhere even under all those layers of dirt, of lies and negativity that you think are impossible to remove. That little light that keeps us alive, that light is there. You just need to let it shine again. I'm not saying it's easy but what is... We have to accept the responsibility for our past. What is done, is done but we can change our present & certainly our future. Change the way you think. You are responsible for your success because the present & the future are there for you, so believe. Do not quit. Push yourselves to what you think are your limits, you will be surprised by how strong u can be.

    It's getting cold and a lot of homeless people have no shelter and some won't go to shelters because they do not want to leave their animals behind. Maybe some will think this is a mad idea... but maybe if you know of a situation like that close to where you live... well maybe you could offer to take care of that animal for the night & bring him back to his owner in the morning or something like that? I guess it's not so hard to do and wouldn't you want someone to do the same for you? I wouldn t leave my dog behind.
    With liebe und amore
    & on & on & on



  • Nov 28, 2011

    Sri Lanka

    Hallo i just heard this band on a tv channel “Arte”  called Fun lovin criminals  I love their sound really cool band, I think they are from NYC. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. It is such a nice holiday. We don t celebrate it in Europe. It's a pity.
    Lazy day today, I'm getting over this bloody cough & and headache & voice extinction.  I've been carrying for the last week. Lucky it happened only at the end of my holiday in Sri Lanka one day before we were going back home. I am such a pain when I'm sick and yes I know ...I am an absolute not not when I'm in that state.  u can compare me with a Grizzly or something similar...seriously.

    I had never been to Sri Lanka before it's an interesting country colorful with lovely people but some things I saw made me realize how lucky we are and that what  we take for granted are things these people might never have. It was also hard to see so many street dogs in terrible conditions and little or no way to help them. Forget going to a local vet..there isn't any ..drove me mad much to do.

    Ok assez pour aujourd hui.. ce n est pas mon meilleur blog je suis un peu à court d idées.Je vous vous tiens au courant dés que mon nouveau clip video sera sur You tube ainsi que le remix de mon single “sad&wild” par le rappeur Kuf Notz.

    Ciao & a presto & bis bald & see ya
    Ein kuss & on & on & on

    Help the fight against animal cruelty and puppy mills

    With love

  • Nov 11, 2011

    The Street Dogs Of Sri Lanka

    It's full moon in Sri Lanka, a buddhist holiday, I can not sleep...hmm...

    I'm thinking of a zillion things going through my thoughts are upside down.

    Lankaa, I saw her while we were visiting Polonaruwa Palace, Polonaruwa is the second city of kings. Lankaa (I thought it would be a good name for her) is a puppy, one of the so many street dogs in Sri Lanka. I saw her lying there with 4 other puppies all of the same age. She must have been 1 month old and from what I understood their mother got sick ..

    I asked some guards that were there if they would agree to look after them, I gave them a bit of money and they promised they would buy some milk and feed them. Now I'm debating if I should drive back tomorrow and get her. I hope to get some info tomorrow morning and find out if there is a shelter in Colombo where I could bring her, if they will accept to keep her, until she is old enough to get her shots, her papers ect.. to be able to travel back to Europe. It s heart braking ...some other puppies of the same age I think ,were eating mud... they were hungry or had stomach problems I do not know but they seemed to be in a terrible shape...just  so many of them everywhere I looked.

    Just a few necessary words about the catastrophe happening in Bangkok.From what I've heard the floods are getting worse and so many animals, dogs & cats are dying caught in the flooding. Please take a look at the Soi dog website, an emergency fund has been established: - Donations are urgently needed please help in any way u can. People are working 24/7 to save these animals. Don't think “I'll do it tomorrow, please do it today because tomorrow is already forgotten. If you want a dog then please adopt one I m sure a lot of the dogs/cats rescued from the floods won't have a home any more.

    Je vous remercie & thank you & danke.

    With love & on & on & on


  • Nov 02, 2011


    It doesn't matter our religion our nationality our upbringing or the color of our eyes we never understand why bad things happen to us.  Our first reaction is why me I do not deserve this it isn t fair.. we get angry sometimes we panic think in an irrational way and very often believe that our problems are far worse then what they really are...this movie we create in our heads well , it's not.

    This blog is for two of my friends that are going through a difficult moment but also for all of you that are in the same situation. We all have known moments where we believe there is no more hope where we feel like being at the edge of a cliff where despair is the only air we breath. For some it's not as bad for others it's worse. If you are there now if you think there is no solution if u don't want to open your eyes anymore & want to give up .....well then fight.

    Fight against feeling sorry for yourself, fight,  push yourself - use all this negativity and turn it into something good, something positive,  then you will be capable of things you had no idea you could do. And when you will look back in a few months you will not recognize the person you were and ask yourself why did I have to go through so much anger, suffering, pain & on & on.. I could have avoided all of it, I was I blind - what the hell just happened ?
  • Oct 17, 2011

    Puppy Mills

    Sometimes I wonder if I will ever trust someone do you feel the same?

    Please help the fight against puppy mills these horrible disgusting places should be forbidden. “Per favore und bitte” if you are thinking of buying a dog/cat then think of adopting one there are  so many of them waiting for a home. And if you still want to buy a dog then be sure the puppies do not come from puppy mills ask to say the parents and infos on the breeder .with your help and by acting and being responsible you can make a huge change .

    On & on & on

    Mit liebe & amore


  • Oct 13, 2011

    Bloody Politicians

    Ok I'm impatient..I'm trying to work on it..seriously... I'm progressing hmm...but sometimes it's so hard! We live in a world where everything has to go fast no time to wait, now and not yes it s not easy to give time to time but I'm learning...

    Ok now seriously, in the world we live in everyone should have a home a roof a shelter so why is it not the case? Drives me mad and angry to see that so many just don't care or think; Oh well what can we do it's part of our society. Politicians can't change things we all know that...talking but not acting won't change anything. I am maybe an idealist but I believe that if each one of us could understand that if we change our consciousness start to believe in something more well we could do so much.
    What do you think?

    With love & on & on & on

  • Oct 06, 2011

    Soi Dogs If U Want A Dog To Adopt!

    Since I was a kid I loved animals so I guess that it is normal that today I feel so close to them. I'm not good with people. I often do not understand their reactions, their auto destructive behaviors ...the list is long ...but I have also learned that things can change and that people can change it s just a question of consciousness. Back to ...
    I have a few pooches on my website under “causes” that are waiting to be adopted that are waiting for a home. They all had a terrible start in life some things they have gone through...tortured beaten burned raped... are just horrible. Horrible  is not half strong enough ... so please if you are thinking of getting a dog well think of adopting one.

    These dogs are all from a non profit organization called Soi dogs have a look at their website Once you have chosen a pooch they will organize transportation it's just as easy as that! They don't mind the distance - it is really not a problem, I adopted a dog from Soi and she was flown to Switzerland as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

    But having a dog is a responsibility .A dog is not a toy that you get for a present, a Birthday, Christmas or to make your children happy. It will be with you for many years and it will grow from the sweet small puppy to a bigger dog so think about it please.
    Also do not buy a dog from a pet shop Please 100 % sure that where you get your dog from does not come from a puppy mill. Puppy mills are a disgrace the people behind them should be the ones in a cage .The suffering the dogs endure is beyond anything any of us could imagine so please spread the word to your friends your family your neighbors with your help things can change.

    If you do not like dogs that is okay, just don't make them suffer...they are living creatures.

    Je vous re mercie & danke & thank you

    Mit and und & on & on & on

  • Oct 03, 2011

    It Is Possible

    5am I can't sleep hi from Miami! Fred I have an excuse I can put this on jet lag! I'm recording a last minute song today that we will add to my album. I'll be recording at Gloria s Estefan studios in miami, can t wait.

    Coincidence or not, the song I'm recording is a cover of a song called “Corazon” and it's in Spanish, a first one for me hmm German accent there MTG! Robert, Mister Venable  who produced my album flew in yesterday we all had dinner and shared a birthday cake. Happy Birthday Mr. Venable welcome to the number 3 and do not forget sassy in Español!

    What we achieve in our's all a question of certainty isn't it? It's not more difficult than that. It seems so difficult to many of us because easy just does not compute, because easy isn't normal...because it is so simple and “simple” in our society is a concept that we have forgotten about. Haven't we all had this little voice inside of us, telling us - this is not possible .. can't be done ..come on - it can't be that easy.  This society has taught us that life is mainly about struggling, only about struggling but what if we could tap into an energy? Call it God, call it the light, a force ...something so positive that could change our lives destroy doubt and negativity. We have to change our consciousness today and believe that we can create our own miracles every day, every second.  If we ask for it, if we fight against this darkness that is sometimes so overwhelming, this darkness that creates chaos, sadness, jealousy and ultimately wars and destruction. This must not be. I believe that we all of us can have everything if we stop limiting our hopes and wishes and tap into another reality. We have to start believing in the huge potential we all have inside of  us that potential that  we have sadly burried under tons of doubt know a light will always shine it just depends how strong.We have to insert certainty every day every second every day and every hour change what we have created to something positive and good. It is possible

    Just believe.

    With liebe und amore & amour

    a kiss and on & on & on


  • Oct 02, 2011

    Puppy Mills and The Morning Show

    The Philly morning show

    The founder of HSUS Wayne ... was on the Philly morning show to talk about puppy mills. Shelters are putting down thousands of small dogs all the time. People buy these dogs from stores that come from puppy mills. They think how sweeeeet ...Compare them to toys... then discard them when they become inconvenient....
    I have a chihuahua, his name is Lester. Chihuahuas are among those small dogs. They have been made popular by celebrities they are “à la mode”....tons of them end up in these shelters and will ultimately be put down. I find this disgusting.

    A true story one of so so many....

    A couple in Lancaster PA were vacationing. They saw a sign “puppies for sale” I will not go into details, I will leave it to your imagination...A few cages in the back that were absolutely filthy and small, the couple saw a small Collie type mix that looked terrified. The man said they could have her because she couldn't breed anymore, so they took her. When they got her home she could barely move & at first they thought it was due to her upbringing etc....but then they realized that she could NOT walk they took her to a vet where they discovered that her pelvic bone had been shattered and healed by itself in an horrible way that left her unable to walk, let's not even talk about how much she must have suffered.... She would need extensive surgery that the couple couldn't afford. They had to put her to sleep.

    The dog was 12 months old.

    Please help us stop puppy mills these horrible places should not be allowed to exist anymore. If you don't like animals don't make them suffer they are living creatures.

    If you do love them as I do please help us make a change. If you can't donate to HSUS or other organizations then give a little bit of your time. Talk about puppy mills. Make your friends and family aware of them. Contact the HSUS or an organization that you know & trust. If you want to get a dog, why not adopt?! These animals have as much love to give if not more.

    Merci danke thank you y gracias

    Con love & liebe & on & on & on


  • Sep 11, 2011

    On My Way To Paris

    I had written a blog last week just after my concert In Paris but it was 2 mad..nobody wirklich niemand... would have understood what I was talking about because these things do not general and finding the words..well impossible.  So I decided not to post it instead a few words about the  band I played with...My thanks go to jacky, christophe, fabrice, vincent and virginia you are the best I had a great time thank you! and virginia was it a boy!
    I hope we will jam together soon.

    To michel and fred you read the I'm not mad, really...

    Fight against puppy mills

    With liebe & rock & roll & on & on & on



  • Aug 30, 2011


    From Paris

    They told me there was thunder
    But I never heard that sound
    They told me it was over
    Empty lines on stolen paper
    Along the lonely sea lines
    Sea lines of my soul
    You re talking like u know mw
    You re talking like u feel me
    Words in shape of silence
    Thumble through my head

    Lost without the stars of an angel on my arms
    I have held u
    In the hollow of my hands
    In my sleepless nights
    In the walls of my mind

    Lost without the stars of an angel on my arms
    I have held u
    In the hollow of my hands
    In my sleepless nights
    In the walls of my mind

    A page from a book unfinished
    And my heart that can t be fed
    They told me it was over
    You never know what lies ahead
    Along the lonely sea lines
    Sea lines of my heart

    Lost without the stars of an angel on my arms

    Lyrics Mtg

    Ein kuss & on & on & on & mehr

  • Aug 25, 2011


    Great news, Baika the Amstaff a dog forbidden in Switzerland and that friends had saved from a certain death a few month ago.. 15min before being euthanized, is now definitely out of danger.  She is such a sweety and really deserves the new home she found. She was beaten up, people tried to use her for dog fighting she is covered with scars she always refused the fight, lived in a cage for years but I guess she had a guardian angel so now Baika today u have a new life . merci à claude jan et tam et a la societé vaudoise pour la protection des animaux.
    Ein kuss


  • Aug 24, 2011

    Swiss Storms


    I'm in Switzerland for a few days & tonight there is a storm, I love it. Nothing nicer when ur home with friends having a good meal. These last few month have been tough, wirklich, and it is the first time that coming back to the town I lived in (more or less) for the last 4 years hasn't hurt my heart or at least not as much anymore. I thought everything in my life was perfect. It was an illusion. I thought I controlled everything, it was an illusion. I thought that he loved me, hey that was an illusion 2...but as they say ..what doesn't kill u makes u stronger. I have learned that u cannot fill up your emptiness with someone & that there comes a moment where you have to face yourself face who u are and not run away anymore & God knows I have been running away from so many things...I have learned that I am responsible for what happens to me & that I cannot put the blame on someone else ...hmm it was NOT easy to come to that conclusion..and there are still times when we close our eyes turn our heads not to see the truth, refuse to listen 2 that little voice inside ...because it makes us leave our comfort zone there can only be trouble ahead and trouble will come in one way or in another. Trouble hit me because I didn't listen because I so desperately wanted to believe... that I had found a home...  & despite all the signs that didn't stop crossing my way. I must have been totally blind! Call them warnings or whatever I still carried on until the wall hit me. Happy the men who is always scared (King David) So when you pray may it be God, the energy, the light... ask for what you need not for what you want because what u want is often not the best for you,
    Believe & have certainty & never give up. And und et please fight against puppy mills Ein kuss und bis spater & on & on & on


  • Aug 15, 2011


    Just a few words from Israel, it's my last day here and it has been a wonderful experience but most of all i met great people:)  How can I be more because of me and not because of what I have, my environment, my friends is a question I will think about today & not just today is  quite bizarre actually because it makes me  realize and I m sure a lot of u must feel the same way, that I do not know who I am who I really am. What would I do in a different environment, what would I do if I had different friends a different upbringing, who would I be? We so often think of taking, that we forget that sharing and giving is so important. It makes such a difference I have noticed. In times of turmoil thinking of others and their problems helping them just by caring & listening makes our problems very often irrelevant because we stop focusing on ourselves. We stop feeling sorry for ourselves, trust me I know what I m talking about:)

    Have 2 go but I will as usual end my blog with a cause close to my heart animal cruelty, puppy mills in particuliar. If some of you do not know what they are please go to and u will understand why these horrendous places have to be once & for all forbidden. Wonderful organizations as the Humane Society of the United States & so many others fight against them. So don't just not care please have a look on the website above do it not tomorrow or in a week but now because now is important, thank u on behalf of all these cats & dogs that suffer and are being tortured. And please if u want a dog /cat.. why not adopt? So check this amazing organization out

    You guys can change things
    Merci, danke, danku, gracias & on & on & on


  • Aug 09, 2011

    Leaving LA

    I'm leaving tonight and as always had a great time in LA & a lot of fun shooting the video clip for my new single “sad & wild” I'm very curious of the result as it was partially shot under water. Thxs go to Michel & Fred & to James for ur brilliant mind & ideas. Danke to the crew, thxs Greg u looked quite cool as an underwater rabbit :) merci to  Christina for doing my makeup & making me look the way u did,  l oved these eyelashes!

    Ok have to go ..I hate packing..please do not forget to spread the word against puppy mills these places should be forbidden & have a look on my website under "Causes” all the dogs there are waiting to find a  home. They all have had a terrible life but thxs to the soidog organization they now have a second chance, so please guys have a look or go to

    With & et & mit a kiss & on & on & on

  • Jul 21, 2011

    100 Degrees in Boston

    Hallo  from Boston, it is HOT must be close to 100 and I'm melting. I will be in LA in a few days with a busy schedule.. removing 2 of my tattoos, getting acting lessons & a fitness coach... and shooting the video for my new single..a girl has to do what she has to do.

    Bon, sérieusement ces derniers mois ont étaient assez difficile, my wonderful life blown apart my certainty and all the rest via, arrivederci...hmm.. lets stop there I'm not good at this:)

    I will finish with a subject close to my heart Puppy mills please go to images are so so much stronger then words. Whatever we go through in life, what makes the difference is to believe in something. It will stop you from doing stupid things, it will stop you from having negative thoughts, it will stop you from feeling sorry for yourself it will show you strength you didn't know was there & it will fill your heart with something worth fighting for. You will become a humble servant and help others in need and forget about yourself and that I promise it  makes a whole difference .

    Bis bald in LA
    Mit amore & un bacio & love & on & on & on


  • Jul 14, 2011

    Montreux Jazz Festival

    Hello from the jazz festival in Montreux Switzerland. We are playing tomorrow night just got back from rehearsals and getting ready for a fondue tonight with the band.
    juste un mot sur la société vaudoise de protection des animaux à Lausanne. Merci pour votre acceuil et pour tout ce que vous faites pour ces animaux. Je suis venue rendre visite à Baika, une Amstaff de 4 ans qui n a le tort que de faire partie des chiens considerés dangereux et donc indesirable. Elle n a jamais rien fait de mal et se retrouve enfermé en attendant un jugement qui décidera de sa vie ou de sa mort.j espère vraiment que nous pourrons la sauver ,elle ne mérite pas ça .

    We just finished our fondue and a lot of kirsch...I will not say who drank the most ...hmmm..katarina ? no no ,starts with an R and ends with a T

    Gute nach , bonne nuit und ciao.

    With love & on & on


  • Jun 18, 2011

    Swiss Alps

    A few days ago a friend invited me to go walking in the Swiss  Alps. I arrived mid afternoon in this beautiful place called “Lauenen”in the middle of the mountains near a lake .The chalet has a few rooms that u can rent so after unpacking my things we had dinner and went to sleep early ready for the next morning ... my god how can such a small chihuahua as Lester, my sweet chihuahua, snore so LOUD! 9 am off we went, a beautiful day ready for a few hours walk..up hill. The Dalai Lama supposedly said that this place is one of the energy spots in the world. I can only try to tell u how beautiful the scenery was, waterfalls, glaciers & cows ..well this is Switzerland after all.

    So we climbed & climbed & climbed up & up & up with Lester, I was thinking ..only 2 more hours or more  ...oh no ...when we will reach the top we will have to walk back down ,no, no!so as we were suffering friend sees a helicopter flying over our heads and says ;that s our  way back down. Well you cannot just take a helicopter like that I mean these guy s were working and would certainly refuse passengers on board. We finally arrived at the refuge, a place were people who climb spend the night have a meal and then leave again.The helicopter had landed next to that place we were having our meal “rösti” a Swiss specialty, and the pilot and 2 other guy s were measuring something(I think).My friends goes  to them and asks if they can drop us in the village when they fly back down.

    To make a long story short we ended up in the helicopter ,so cool the best view  and no walking 2 hours down hill,great guys, thank you Franz(the pilot).

    Have a great day &please help the fight against puppy mills check this out These farms that treat dogs like shit (désolée) are a scandal really and should be forbidden. I haven t found the words strong enough.. nothing can describe what I feel ,I m still searching .. I will let you know when I find those words.
    In the meantime your help is needed talk about it with your friends , family ,your neighbours. If you know of pet shops that sell dogs report them to the Humane society of the united states chances are that the dogs they sell come from a puppy farm.I am not condemning pet stores I am condemning those that sell dogs .So please guy s do not buy ur pooch from a pet store and if u do please take a bit of time before buying the dog  check them out to be 100%certain that their animals do not come from a puppy farm. If you change, then the demand will diminish and puppy mills will I hope, one day stop to exist!

    Mit liebe und amore & on & on & on

  • Jun 09, 2011

    Being Homeless

    Being Homeless...
    I remember walking in the streets of London years ago, I remember one particular old lady.  It was night it was winter & cold. She was sitting on some sort of steps rolled up in a dirty old cover, a caddy filled with stuff by her side.

    People were not stopping, not looking as if this was a natural part of the scenery. I saw this so many times over the years in so many parts of the world and always so much indifference.

    We sadly seem to get used to horrible things ..but we should not, we should not  think Oh well and turn our heads, look the other way ...So I gave her 20 pounds and offered to pay for a room in a hotel for the night.  She refused so I left I did not insist. The other day on the french news I heard that a lot of homeless people refuse to go to shelters in winter because there pets cannot come with them...So I ask what about kindness guys, what about helping these people in so much need by allowing them to keep their dogs? Do not tell me that this is not possible. If u would be in their shoes, if u had lost everything and found yourselves on the street and had nothing left but ur dog,  if u had nothing left to hold on 2, what would u do? Would u leave ur companion behind? I do not believe so, so why should they?

  • Jun 06, 2011

    Bad Day

    Je déjeune mais je n ai pas vraiment faim...avant de voir mon coach pour 1 heure de souffrance dont je n ai pas vraiment besoin..mais bon ...I need to look fit and and and and for the shooting of my new video clip in july...hmmm.
    Il y a tellement de choses que j aimerais dire, mais je ne trouve pas les mots ou les mots ne trouvent pas ma peine.j aimerais crier mais je reste silencieuse c est trés bizarre ,mais peut être que , genug jetzt ich rede tja ..was genau..
    Ok time to go and suffer to be beautiful no no !

    I will finish this Blog with a thought for u:) I know u are so sad but be strong, u are wonderful, u will get over this, Your friend.
    Please help us fight puppy mills these places are a disgrace and should not exist.for those of u who do not know what puppy mills are please go to
    Or on the Humane Society of the United States website
    With your help we can change things, we can make the impossible possible because faith can be stretched to the infinite. Guys just 5 minutes of ur time for a cause u believe in can help make this mad world a better one .
    Ciao, Merci, danke, grazie & on & on & on

  • Jun 01, 2011

    The Travelers Gift

    I would like to share a passage of a book I m reading .
    The Traveler's Gift /Andy Andrews
    From this moment forward I will accept responsibility for my past .I understand that the beginning of wisdom is to accept the responsibility for my own problems and that by accepting responsibility for my past,I free myself to move into a brighter future of my own choosing...

    I am where I am today mentally physically spiritually emotionally and financially because of decisions I have I will begin the process of changing by changing the way I think .

    Beginning today ,I will create a new future by creating a new me.
    No longer will I dwell in a pit of despair ,moaning over squandered time and lost opportunity.I can do nothing about the past .My future is immediate will grasp it in both hands and carry it with running feet.

    When I am faced with the choice of doing nothing or doing something I will always choose to act....

    A person who moves neither left or right is destined for mediocrity .Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly.Failures make their decisions slowly and change their minds quickly..

    I will persist without exception ....I will claim  faith in the certainty of my future.Too much of my life has been spent doubting my beliefs and believing my more, I have faith in my future I can only persist ,I will persist without exception.

    I know some of you will think,, yeah heard that before...this is rubbish, c est n importe quoi ...personally it s helping me with certain issues it might maybe  help someone else!
    With love liebe amore & on & on
    Fight against puppy mills
     make a change thank you

  • May 05, 2011

    Recording and Tennessee

    I just finished recording my new album at the “Dark Horse” studios in Franklin, Tennessee. What a great place & experience, thank you to my label, Michel & Fred for bringing me there, such a perfect place at this moment of my life, Merci to Robert Venable for producing the album and teaching me the word sassy.

    OK now just a few words about puppy mills. I will never say it enough you guys can make a difference, Puppy mills should be forbidden once and for all and the people behind them should be punished. There is no excuse in torturing dogs and my words are not strong enough to translate what I feel. Images are so much stronger than words so please take a few minutes and go to  I am not asking you to love animals if you don't, I am not asking u guys to be like me but if my blogs or my beliefs can't make some of u change your ways & make some of u understand that animals are living creatures,..that the dogs in these puppy mills must live hell to an extent that I can't describe going through unimaginable pain,  if through my music I can translate what I feel then that would make my day. Help the Humane society of the United States in their fight against puppy mills and if u want a dog then please adopt one and make a difference.
    On & on & on
    avec amour und liebe & love

  • Apr 27, 2011

    Tomorrow Is What Counts

    I have been in Miami a few days, leaving “demain” for Nashville to start recording my new album. It's an exciting time & and I feel blessed, but I must also admit that in the same time I'm going through a very difficult moment. I'm feeling hopeless,unable to help and reach out to a person that is going through a terrible devastating drama.

    I wasn't sure that I wanted to write this blog, u know, I'm not 4 talking 2 personal when it's not about me but this touches me so closely that I just wanted to say a few words. Life is short and precious and although we are born alone and die alone, there are so many good things to take out of life, so many things to do, so many ways to improve, so many possibilities to change things that are not right, there is hope in all of our actions, in all of our thoughts, there is always a way to make it better and ultimately to become a better person whatever our past might have been and even if it seems “cliché” to learn from our mistakes, from our errors but most of all 2 learn to never live with regrets.

    Some people in our lives might have hurt us beyond belief, some people may have lost themselves because the pain is 2 strong, done things they are not proud off & so much more ... but at the end of the day, there is always a tomorrow & that is what counts. I'm having a cappucino at the news café on ocean drive (in Miami) waiting for a friend he is late!! but the good thing is that I had time to write these few words. Have a nice day and please do not forget to help the fight against puppy mills. Do not buy your pooch from a pet shop and please be responsible, an animal is not a toy.

    With love é amore und on & on & on

  • Apr 18, 2011


    I tied myself with wire
    To let the horses run free
    Playing with the fire until the fire played with me
    The stone was semi precious
    We were barely conscious
    Two souls too smart to be in the realm of certainty
    Even on our wedding day
    We set ourselves on fire
    Oh God , do not deny
    It s not if I believe in love
    But if love believes in me
    Oh ,believe in me
    At the moment of surrender
    I folded my knees
    I did not notice the passers-by
    And they did not notice me
    I ve been in a very black hole
    At the altar of the dark star
    My body s now a begging bowl
    That s begging to get back
    Begging to get back
    To my heart
    To the rhythm of my soul
    To the rhythm of the unconsciousness
    To the rhythm that yearns
    To be released from control I could see in the reflection
    A face staring back at me
    At the moment of surrender
    Of vision over visibility
    I did not notice the passers-by
    They did not notice me
    I was speeding on the subway
    Through the stations of the cross
    Every eye looking every other way
    Counting down til the pain would stop...

  • Apr 12, 2011

    The Pleasures of Traveling

    The pleasures of comment! I couldn't make this blog LONG ENOUGH to share with you how I feel right now, not even in German the language I normally swear in.
    So I leave it 2 ur imagination .....I'm sure that a lot of u know what I m talking about...and I haven't even left .

  • Apr 06, 2011

    On My Way To Paris

    Guten morgen,

    I'm on my way to Paris, it's a beautiful sunny day. In 2 weeks I'll be flying to Miami. I will spend a few days there before going to Nashville to record my new album, I'm really excited, I have never been to Nashville! Hey, I'm Swiss this is a whole new thing for me! Anyway I'm really looking forward to it, back in a studio to record, I love it! It's such a great moment, when u create something, that moment is brilliant.

    Now let me be serious for just a second: Please help the Humane Society of the United States or any organization you know & trust and please don't forget to check out Images are stronger than words certainly much stronger then anything I could ever say. Puppy mills are mass production farms where dogs are tortured everyday by people only interested in cash & profit nothing else. Maybe these people should be thrown in one of these  cages, in the same conditions they treat these dogs, for the rest of their lifes...would they understand...would they get it.. and stop their horrible business?

    What do you think?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs, you guys are the ones that can change what is so wrong & if u love animals please help the fight against cruelty.
    We all live on the same planet and we all depend on each other.
    Danke merci und gracias
    A kiss & on & on...

  • Mar 23, 2011


    For a moment
    STOP the battles & STOP the wars,STOP the cruelty & STOP the slavery, STOP our selfish behaviors, STOP our vanity, STOP our stupidity, STOP our destructive behavior, STOP our avidity, STOP our jealousy & STOP us being envious, STOP destroying, STOP living without values, STOP being negative, STOP not believing.
    Have a great day
    With love & on & on

  • Mar 22, 2011

    Devastating Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

    I love LA but I hate when I can t sleep and I don’t like being jet lagged every night.

    Now let’s get to  more serious matters.

    What happened in Japan is a catastrophe far beyond anything we can imagine. It shows just how small we are when nature wakes up & how things can turn dramatic in a split of a second. Not only did the Japanese have to face an earthquake of no previous strength followed by a devastating tsunami they now are facing a nuclear ecological disaster, that will impact all of our lives for decades to come ..

    The battle against nature will never be won we have to learn & adapt but certainly never think that we are more clever. My thoughts go to all of those that have lost their homes, their loved ones. The amazing strength these people are showing should be an example for all of us. As I’m sure you know by now I fight for animal rights so I won’t, I can’t, end this blog without asking u to also help all these pets, animals that have been affected by this disaster.

    Please contact an organization u know and trust, to find out how u can help. Some amazing stories are coming out of Japan showing animal courage & faithfulness, please do not think it’s not important, animals are part of our lives part of what makes this world, it is a thin balance & we cannot live without it.
    Grazie è Thank u und danke, gracias et merci
    With love & on & on

  • Mar 06, 2011

    6 Billion Pounds Animal Smuggling Industry

    The £6bn Animal smuggling industry

    This is part of an article by Maryrose Fison I read in “The independent ” an English newspaper. ..
    Many people associate animal smuggling with small time crooks trying to bring a few lizards in a suit case to be sold by the under -the -counter pet trade.It is not .It is in fact a multifaceted business ,catering to huge demand among collectors for exotic species ,ornaments& clothing ,plus traditional chinese medicine s industrial-scale appetite for animal parts...Widely held superstitions surrounding certain animal parts drive the illegal industry within Asia...Bones, paws and penises of Tigers & leopards are used as aphrodisiacs in a northern state of Burma with a large sex industry.  Large vats of tiger bone wine, which sell for between 40 and 100 $ a bottle, were being promoted as a health tonic to chinese customers. Around the world, including in US chinese medicine stores, Bear bile is widely used to “treat”a multiple of symptoms from swollen eyes, skin lesions and fever. The Lear macaw a ocean blue parrot from Brazil, is thought to be one of the most lucrative species on the black market.  In 2008 it was reportedly trading at an estimated $90 000 per bird. Only 960 of them are believed to be left in the world. One kilo of rhino horn was going for $34 000 in 2009, Rhinoceros horns are prized for their purported medicinal properties..Tiger skin up to $20 000 .3500 tigers are left on the planet.Tibetan antelope hair known as Shahtoosh, are made into shawls that can cost up to 12000 $ a piece. There are between 75 000 and 100 000 Tibetan antelope left on the planet. Poachers slaughter them to sell fur on the illicit market. It takes about 4 animals to make a single Shahtoosh shawl. The article goes on.

    Isn’ t the capability we have of destroying what surrounds us quite amazing...The effect on the countries from which wildlife is taken can be devastating, the economy, the tourism that so many countries depend on. Wildlife crime as an impact on the rural economies and on the wider scheme of things.  Un animal sauvage doit rester sauvage et non se retrouver dans une cage dans votre salon ou dans votre jardin. 

    Please think about it.

  • Mar 04, 2011

    On My Way To London

    I’m on my way to London for the weekend, I just left Paris. It’s a beautiful sunny day. I had lunch with a friend, journalist, that works at TF1 the french television channel (more or less the equivalent of CBS) it was quite cool. I came to Paris to work on a project that I hope will take form in the next few months and in about 2 weeks I’ll fly to LA to attend the Genesis Awards presented by the Humane Society of the United States & start working on my new album. I will give u more info when I know a bit more but I think that the recording will take place between Nashville & LA. I always wanted 2 go to Nashville so I’m really looking forward 2 It:)

    Je vous demande comme toujours d aider le combat contre les puppy mills.
    Les puppy mills sont des fermes“ d élevage” que l on trouve au USA , au Canada ,dans certains pays d europe ,les pays de l est ect..ou les chiens sont maltraités et torturés utilisés pour la reproduction .  Pour en tirer le meilleur “rendement”ces animaux,souvent des chiens de races , à la mode... n ont aucun soins ,aucune hygiène , presque aucune nourriture et seront enfermés dans des cages pour le reste de leurs miserables vies sans JAMAIS en sortir... jusqu à ce qu ils meurent dans des conditions faut toujours verifier  la provenance du chien que vous voulez acheter ,verifiez l éleveur et si vous avez un doute  svp contactez  la spa la plus proche. Les images sont les meilleures paroles:

    With love and and and

  • Feb 10, 2011

    Faith and Hope

    Faith and Hope were rescued by the people of Soi dogs on New Years Eve while being skinned alive in a labour camp. What can I say mad and sick is this? I’m horrified & so much more but I don’t find the words. I would say things that I might regret ...& maybe not...So this blog will be short : to all of those who love animals, Faith and Hope need a loving home please share this with your friends your family & neighbors & please be responsible. A dog is not a toy, these poochies need a lot of love.  u can imagine why. I will personally pay for their transportation from Thailand. I just read this and I think that it s a good way to end my blog:

    ’The greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’ Mahatma Gandhi


  • Feb 01, 2011

    Dogs Hunde Cani and the Wild West

    Dogs, hunde, cani & les chiens et le chat and the wild, wild west or something like that.

    when I get back home it’s just so cool to have my dogs and Bill the cat greeting me. Whatever mood I’m in they are always there. It might seem strange 2 some of u but having always been surrounded by animals since I was a kid - at age 4 I even had baby lions, 2 monkeys and an elephant (I’m serious) - I couldn’t imagine my life without them. It would be so...sad, so empty.

    I would love to get a farm, a ranch oder eine hacienda one day somewhere in a warm country where I could have all these rescued animals, a recording studio 2 have a bit of fun, friends that would come over, the sea, and a few palm trees on a sandy beach...pas mal non! Bon ce sera dans quelques années lorsque je passerai moins de temps dans les avions, en attendant que mon délire se realise et si vous aimez un peu les animaux, svp donnez ce que vous pouvez de votre temps pour aider des organisations comme (ils sont génials)
    The Humane Society of the United States, ou tout autres organisations sérieuses! 

    Votre aide peut changer tellement de choses.

    Merci danke thx und Gracias,

    Ein kuss & on & on


  • Jan 19, 2011

    Hello From Hawaii

    Je suis à Hawaii et je dois dire que c est assez génial. Cela fait maintenant 1 semaine que je déstresse sur la plage de Waikiki. Honolulu est un mélange entre Rio et Miami. Hey girls, le shopping est vraiment bien and if u like sushi this is the perfect place. It’s a long flight to get here (18 hours), but absolutely worth it.

    I went swimming with dolphins 2 days ago - it was amazing. I had the best time; I posted a few pictures on my Facebook page. Sweeties...they reminded me of my dogs - really clever, especially when food is around!

    You all know that I love animals and I always come back to this subject in my blogs. I wish I didn’t need 2. I wish it weren’t necessary but sadly it is. Just lately I received a video from Let’s Adopt on my Facebook page about dogs being tortured and killed in Turkey. It is disgusting. People are sick - sick to an extent that I could not imagine. These photos & videos are hard to look at, unbearable. I could not have watched them a year ago. Like many of you, i preferred not to know. The thought of it was enough to make me puke.
    This dog was lying in a cage in his blood...if I could catch these sickos...I’m serious.

    All of this to say that only thinking that torturing a dog is horrendous is not enough. To make things change u people have to react and act. Report any mishandlings and doubts u have about pet shops & the way they acquire their animals, especially if they come from puppy mills/puppy farming.  Join non-profit organizations like the Humane Society of the United States, Soi Dogs, Let’s Adopt or any organization u know & trust.

    We will be 7 billion people on this earth between 2011 & 2012. For things to get better we have to understand that we are all connected and that everything we do, good or bad, has a repercussion on all of us.
    We cannot live on this earth without a right balance. Nature and all living creatures are part of it. I just hope that things can change for the better.

    Even if this sounds a little bit 2 optimistic...if we believe in what we do with a socially-conscious attitude, change can happen.

    Aloha con un baccio &on&on


  • Jan 07, 2011

    Gig In London Cancelled

    Well...I was in the Eurostar yesterday, I arrived in London yesterday - to leave back 2day.  My gigs have been cancelled and John, my guitarist, had to fly back to LA this morning.  He was detained at the airport in London and denied entry in the UK yesterday afternoon.  Luckily...after being fingerprinted and a mug shot taken of him he was allowed to sleep in a hotel and not in detention! 

    So bye bye London and my apologies to the people that were gonna come & see me perform & to the venues I won’t be playing at. 

    à la prochaine fois j espère, bis bald. 


  • Jan 06, 2011

    Headed To London

    I’m in the Eurostar on my way to London.  There is no more snow in Paris but the traffic is just as I just got in time at the Gare du Nord 2 catch my train.

    I’m hopefully gonna meet john to start rehearsing our acoustic set today or tomorrow.  John is the guitarist & he’s great.  I think that he landed this afternoon from LA but I have no way of contacting him (for the moment) and I have no idea in which hotel he will be staying.  I hope that I’ll find him before saturday!  Anyway, I’m looking forward to doing these few gigs with him in London.

    Je n’aime pas le train et je ne sais pas pourquoi je me retrouve dans l eurostar, mais vais à Londres pour 4 concerts unplugged et je vais retrouver  mon guitariste John qui arrive de Los Angeles aujourd hui ...j espère.NS avions fait deux jours de répetitions à LA en décembre mais là ce sera vraiment une première pour moi , unplugged  et à Londres!

    Ok je manque d imagination so I’ll end this blog by saying this: Another year is starting - let’s try to make it a better one than the previous one. Whatever u didn’t do last year, well try to do it this year and if u love animals as I do then please help an organization u know and trust.  Help the Humane Society of the United States in their fight against puppy mills/puppy farming or trafficking in the UK.  Why not start the year by adopting a pooch?  There are so so many of them waiting 4 a second chance - please b the one.

    As u might know, one of my dogs, Heidi, is a rescue dog that I got through a wonderful non-profit organization in Thailand called Soi dogs.  So, please, if u think of adopting a dog, check their website at  And don’t be afraid of the distance; it’s really nothing - they organize things perfectly.

    In whatever part of the world u are in, have a great day.

    with liebe con amore and on & on & on,


  • Jan 03, 2011

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year/Freues neues jahr & bonne année.

    Good morning! It’s a beautiful sunny day - a great way to start the year.
    I’m drinking my coffee with a beautiful view of the majestic mountains in front of me.  The snow makes it look like something out of the movie ’Narnia’.  Everybody is still sleeping - even my dogs are lazy.  Lester, my chihuahua, does NOT like fireworks.  I was told this morning that yesterday evening as the noise started he hid under my bed growling...sweetyyyyy!

    I do not like new year resolutions.  Very often you don’t stick to them & as the days go by, you find excuses for not keeping them and so on...i’m sure you know what i’m talking about...There’s nothing worse than a promise that you don’t keep.  I used to have a zillion resolutions every 31st at midnight - hmmm...never worked - so now i just try 2 be better than the year b4 and anything more is like a cherry on the cake.

    I will finish this blog with a few words about puppy mills.  Please, please spread the word - puppy mills are a disgrace; i will never say it enough & enough & enough.

    Help the Humane society of the United States in their fight against them.  Don’t buy a dog from a pet shop & if u do please be 1000 times sure that the dogs there do not come from puppy mills.  Be responsible - a dog is not a toy.  Why not think of adopting a pooch?  So many of them are in shelters; please give them a second - une deuxième - chance.  That would be cool.

    With your help things can change.

    mit liebe und liebe and love


  • Dec 12, 2010

    Puppy Mills and Christmas

    We are getting close to Christmas so I wanted to talk about puppy mills again.  I know that I’ve said this in previous blogs, but 8 months ago I had no idea what puppy mills were.  Call that a lack of information, living in the twilight zone or being naïve, whatever - I had no idea.  As u might have noticed :) - I love animals; they are part of my life & my life without them would not b a life.  When I recorded my album I never thought that my passion 4 music (it came late!) and my passion 4 animals (since I was a kid) would meet.  So to have the chance to fight 4 my beliefs through my music...well, it couldn’t get much better.

    Now, 2 get back to puppy mills - these mass production farms are a disgrace.  Puppy mills breed dogs for reproduction only. They only care about cash; their only purpose is to get as much money out of these dogs as possible, as many litters as possible..& when these dogs outgrow their use...they are simply killed and thrown away.  The way these poor dogs are treated - shoved in cages with barely any space and no protection from the cold or the heat, no food or water - is more than cruel.  They endure torture, never get out of their tiny metal cages that are piled one on top of the other, eat their excrements and due to a total lack of hygiene they are covered with infections and sores, sometimes blinded, hairless or toothless.  Oh yeah, and I forgot - scared to death.  Could u see urself living like that?...I don’t think so.

    I’m not asking u guys to love animals if u don’t, but just to have a bit of dignity and respect & treat them as living creatures.  If you don’t like dogs, well then don’t have one; ignore them, but don’t hurt them. If u want to buy a dog during the holidays, please be responsible: don’t go to a pet shop or at least check it out to be sure that their dogs do not come from puppy mills.  Always check out the source and if u have doubts about a place or know for a fact that the dogs come from puppy mills, then contact The Humane Society of the United States.  You are the only ones that can make a change by being aware, by helping organizations u know and trust stop puppy mills from existing & one day make a law to forbid them.  As we are approaching Christmas and if u are thinking of buying a dog then why not adopt one?  So many of them are waiting in shelters.  Please give them a second chance  :)
    The important thing is to act and not think, “What will it change?”  YOU guys can do so much.

    Thank u for reading what I had to say and if I changed ur minds a bit then u made my day.

    Merry christmas!

    Mit liebe und love & on & on


  • Dec 08, 2010

    Bye Bye LA

    Bye bye LA; it was a short but nice as always.  I love it here.
    I’m at the airport waiting for my plane; sick and in a bad mood so this blog sera tres court.

    J’ai visité les studios sur Melrose ou je vais certainement enregistré mon nouvel album l année prochaine really a cool place - loved it.

    Ok guys, sorry I’m not in the mood & no inspiration. :(  I hope that I’ll manage to sleep on the plane.

    Have a great evening, appreciate what u have & help those that need it.Sometimes comforting someone in distress especially as we approach Christmas can do so much.

    Please help the fight against puppy mills -

    With love und liebe and on & on,


  • Dec 02, 2010

    Un Bonjour De Paris

    Un bonjour de Paris

    I just spent 2 days in Paris.

    it was snowing and gave a romantic side to the city with its beautiful
    Christmas decorations on the Champs Elysée and the amazing lit up red
    Christmas trees on avenue Montaigne - that made it all look like something
    out of a Charles Dickens novel.

    I love this time of year, don’t u?

    it’s comforting, it gives a sense of peace as if time stood still, as if
    for a moment all the sadness and madness of this planet just disappeared
    with one snowflake.

    As I was walking back 2 my hotel my thoughts went to all these homeless
    people that have no shelter. It must be so cold that they definitely do
    not see Paris the way I saw it that night. I know that there are
    Organizations that take care of them, especially when winter hits, but I
    can’t stop thinking that people should NOT need to look for shelter in
    this day & age, that there is definitively something wrong in our society.
    So many of them refuse to go to a shelter because they have a dog that is
    not allowed there. They prefer to freeze literally to death than to
    abandon their companions. I do not understand. They already have nothing.
    How can they be asked to leave behind the only thing they have...?

    Please help an organization u know & trust - there is so much to b done.

    With love und liebe con amore & on&on

    See u in LA


  • Nov 17, 2010

    A Thought To Share Before Boarding My Plane

    I have a few minutes before boarding - it’s 5:30am.

    I’m reading a book about Paul Watson from The Sea Shepherd called “My Fight for Whales & Seals.’  For those of you who have never heard of him, Paul Watson is a Canadian conservationist determined even at the cost of his life to protect wildlife - especially marine mammals- and to stop the hunting of Whales.  He was beaten, almost drowned, jailed, his boat confiscated, rammed into and so on.  He threw himself between baby harp seals and their killers, sprayed the pups with red harmless dye, making their white pelts commercially useless. I’m sure u have heard of him.  He is an amazing guy with an amazing life that fights for his convictions and has done so much for marine mammals. 

    This is a great way to start my day, in a plane reading his book.  Believe in what u do, have no doubt, and things will change.  Act today - don’t wait until tomorrow...cause tomorrow’s already forgotten. 

    With love & liebe ein kuss a kiss and on and on. 


  • Nov 11, 2010



    It’s been one of these weeks that I don’t really know where to start.
    Oh well, here we go:

    I’ve had a huge fight with someone I deeply care for bcoz of a stupid misunderstanding.  It has actually been dragging on for a few months. (you know that something is not right, a kind of tension when u see each other - u want to talk about the issue but u don’t - something really bugging u but u don’t say anything). It started with a remark that I made and it ended up in this huge, I mean huge, mess...8 months later.

    When u don’t clarify a problem between 2 people - even if they are best friends - it can turn into a sad waste of time and energy - ridiculous situation.  We can all sometimes be so pathetic, selfish and twisted that it is...hmm...frightening.  All this to say that when u care for someone: a friend, a lover, a member of ur family, etc, you have to talk when something goes wrong when u have a fight and leave thinking, ’It will be forgotten in a few days...Anyway, I’m right; he’s (she’s) wrong...’ or whatever other thoughts go through ur head in moments like these.  Life is 2 short for losing time in futilities.  Friendship is something important so it’s worth putting ur ego on the side and listening to the other person. Sometimes it’s not easy.  I know.

    Yesterday afternoon I went to see the father of my best girlfriend in the hospital. I’ll just say that it was a tough moment. He is such a nice man and seeing him like that...all my love and prayers go to him and his family for his recovery.  Moments like these make you realize that one should never take things for granted.

    Croyez en ce que vous faites, battez vous pour vos convictions et ne laissez pas de place au doute, car rien n’est impossible tout est possible.

    Take a few minutes to help a cause u believe in.  If u can’t help with money, help with your time.  And if u love animals, please check out The Humane Society of the United States and help them fight against puppy mills where dogs are bred in horrendous conditions, tortured and killed.

    The people who have these puppy mills should be put in cages and treated the way they treat these dogs.  So be responsible when u buy a dog - check out where he comes from, and what breeder.  Why not adopt one from a shelter?  The dogs there have so much love to give.

    With love und liebe con amore and on and on...


  • Oct 20, 2010

    Mein Traum

     Hallo, Ich habe immer geträumt ein haus auf dem land zu haben, mit Tieren, mit hunden, ein puma oder zwei, pferde und freunde die für s wochenende kommen und natürlich ein recording studio wo mann tag und nacht spielen kann und so weiter :)  Es ist für mich ein art frieden. 

    I’m back in MC - had a great time in Canada, thank u again! On my first night back the dogs and cat all slept on my bed & i just had a tiny space for myself - oh well :) 

    I have a few poochies that I’m sponsoring & that are for adoption at Soi dogs.  One of them is called Blondie; he is a sweetie with only 3 paws.  Please spread the word - he is looking for a kind soul to take him home. The people at Soi dog are very efficient - they organized for my dog Heidi to b shipped from Phuket to Switzerland without a problem. or contact me on facebook or via twitter. 

    With love und liebe and on and on on. 


  • Oct 15, 2010

    Stop Puppy Mills

    No no no, I’m jet-lagged again. I’m up since 5 am - this is becoming a real pain in the...for the last hour I have been thinking about going back 2 sleep, well it didn’t work, not a chance, impossible, nada.

    So - good morning from the great city of Toronto.
    We played at the Hideout yesterday, Thursday. For those who were there & heard us perform I hope u enjoyed it.

    I would like to talk again about puppy mills. I am more and more amazed of how many people have never heard of them, of how many people buy a dog without knowing where that animal comes from, bcoz it is something that doesn’t cross their minds, bcoz it is convenient to go to a pet shop (ok, not all of these pet shops get their dogs from these mass production farms called puppy mills but sadly A LOT of them do), because dogs there are less expensive and because too often people don’t know what horror lies behind these sweet little pooches.

    These animals are tortured in a way u CANNOT imagine, ultimately killed when of no more use. They spend their whole lives in disgusting filthy cages stuffed in there with no protection against the heat or the cold, with almost no food, water or space to run around. They NEVER get out of these cages, their paws rotting bcoz of multiple infections, their teeth falling out, their eyes becoming blind with only skin left on their bones & then dumped in the garbage if not already dead or left to die. This is beyond disgusting, this is...I have no words.

    So please, please, if u love animals the way I do help an organization u know & trust.  If u can’t help them by donating money help them with a bit of ur time to fight against this, to fight against puppy mills. Talk to ur friends about it, spread the word and tell people u know to go on or on

    I was like u guys a few month ago - I didn t know, I had no idea these places could exist, I couldn’t imagine that some people could be that deranged...when I saw the videos on youtube, it was so so brutal it made me sick to see that some people could do that and it made me react.
    Some of you will think, ’Oh well, they are just animals.’ My answer is: it is in no way a reason for cruelty.  If u don’t like dogs or animals just leave them alone.

    I want u to react. The only way our present can change is if we decide that it’s time 4 change, this goes for anything in life. Don’t just sit there waiting 4 things to happen - make them happen. Don’t think ’I’ll do it tomorrow’, do it now, cause tomorrow is already forgotten.

    Have a nice weekend
    Je vous embrasse, bis bald

    Love, Mtg

  • Oct 04, 2010

    Last Day On The Road

    This our last day on the road. We are heading for Easton/Maryland where we are playing at the Nightcat, only acoustic, it will b interesting. After the gig we are driving to Atlanta to play at smith’s old bar sunday night.  It’s gonna b a long drive ...

    I was glad to dedicate one of my songs (the one in German) to Abbi
    yesterday during the gig at firestones. Abbi is this lovely person I knew that passed away bcoz of cancer, I was so so hoping that he would get to
    hear my album, I had promised, but I was 2 late. I’m not good with words but it felt right to speak about him and I learned this morning that this
    whole month is “cancer prevention month’ so there u are.

    I will write a blog from Miami monday...before flying back to Europe.
    Help out an organization u know and trust, a little gesture, a bit of ur
    time, can change so much in someone’s life and if u like animals as I do
    then help the Humane Society of the United States in their fight against
    puppy mills.  Please check them out, I was amazed at how many people don’t know what puppy mills are so: google or go on

    No animals deserve to suffer and puppy mills should b forbidden.


  • Sep 28, 2010

    Touring The East Coast

    Hallo, guten morgen, Schon eine woche das ich hier bin!

    The tour started in Delaware then Maryland - yesterday Philadelphia and today we will b on our way to Boston and on the road again: direction NYC demain mercredi 28. I think it’s going well. I can just imagine how great a world tour would b :) I hope 2 find that out in the future!  for the moment I’m in the US and I love it, coming from Europe everything seems so easy over here. I think, guy’s, ur less complicated then we are.

    Hmmm I have no inspiration just a few more words that I would like 2 share. One of my songs is called Days of Power. When I wrote it, I was inspired by something I learned a few years ago (& I’m still learning) when things weren’t at their best. U have to believe in yourself, whatever happens to u, however hard it seems, impossible, desperate...Sometimes u see no tomorrow - only a dark, dark hole..that’s when U HAVE to believe and erase doubt, and know that u can create ur own miracle, that even if it seems impossible it is possible. I also learned that things don’t just happen by accident....good or bad, things happen bcoz u created them. Trust me, what goes around comes around....the consequences of our actions always come back to us. So when that happens...Try to take the positive out of the worst situation. there is always something good in any situation, it is always a wake up call. To quote the great Monty Python: Always look on the bright side of life....

    Please, Check out the Humane Society of the United States in their fight against puppy mills And these people do an amazing job.

    Con amore



  • Sep 19, 2010

    Our Oxygen Is The Amazon Forest

    The amazon indigenous people strive 2 protect their forest, they depend on it to we do.

    I came upon this article a few days ago that explains for those who are not aware, why this is so important. Very simply, it is our oxygen; without it catastrophic climate changes would happen that I believe we cannot even imagine....affecting all of us in a terrible way. and don’t think that since it’s not next door we won’t be affected by it.

    We have all more or less seen the changes occurring around us but sadly, very often we start acting, realizing our mistakes, only when we are directly concerned. I have not got the answer on what to do to change this world to what it could be, but I believe that if we just become conscious, responsible, if we change some of our bad habits into good ones, as I often say change the negative into positive, even a small thing, find a balance between enough and too much, and learn to respect, it could make a huge difference.

    Wir mussen verantworlich sein und auf unsere erde sorgen, es ist nie zu spät.

    I’m leaving for NY monday and will start my tour on the 23rd. I will keep u posted on how things go!

    Have a great week
    à bientôt, a presto, see you soon and bis bald und mit liebe.


  • Sep 14, 2010

    My Car Keys Lost

    I just wanted 2 share this so so sad moment with u :)  I landed in Geneva, went to get my car, opened the trunk to put my bag in, closed the trunk, left my keys locked and the spare set of keys is in sad is that?! 

    Oh well ...


  • Sep 10, 2010

    Pastor John's Declaration

    Today i wanted to share my thoughts with u about the declaration of Pastor John’s wanting 2 burn the Qu’ran. So here, just a few lines.

    My belief: I believe that God is universal, has different names, different faces, u believe in him or not, but u should not use God to create hatred. Religion should never become a problem, don’t u think? Ok I’m certainly naïve....history over the centuries is an evidence of the contrary, but it really drives me mad to see so much ignorance or lack of judgment in certain individuals. Burning a holy book does NOT solve any problem, it creates one and offends millions & millions of people around the world.

    I understand the delicate situation about ground Zero, the emotional issues it triggers, especially a few days b4 the sad anniversary of 9/11, but in no way should it permit any man, especially a man of God, to speak the way Pastor Johns has.

    Isn’t the world sufficiently a mess?  please think about it.


  • Sep 06, 2010


    I’m back home in MC and it’s great, well...apart from all the bills..u know - all these letters that pile up when ur away and u really hate opening when ur back, hmmm not nice.

     I’m here a few days before leaving again, I feel like a gypsy, actually i think that I’m really becoming one..airports are home :-)  I always complain....a lot..but i think I like it, it makes coming back home even nicer, how strange.

    I stayed one day in Switzerland before flying back to Nice (South of France) and then driving to MC, it’s a 30mn drive. When I landed in Zürich it was so so cold 12 degrees....around 53 fahrenheit...a change from Miami! Tonight i’m having dinner with my italian friends on their boat, they are really great people, it’s been a long time since we saw each other, i’m having a great time, watching soccer, England against Bulgaria and let me tell u, italian food.....and the tiramisu and and..c’est pas grave, c’est trop bon .

     As usual and bcoz it’s important :-) i’ll ask u to please check out the > Humane Society of the United States in their fight against puppy mills, soi dogs, let’s adopt or any association u know and trust and help them 2 make this place a better place. E cosi importante di pensare positivo, perche puo cambiare tante cose, puo cambiare la vita. Un bacio

     With love und liebe


  • Aug 23, 2010

    Serious Subjects


    There are 2 subjects I would like to talk about today:
    I came upon an article that talks about soldier’s stress.
    I’m a girl...and I come from Switzerland, a neutral country, so I don’t know a lot about wars and to be honest I never thought about it until I came upon this article.
    I don t know much about losing a family member, a brother, a friend, a lover, a husband bcoz of a war. I don t know much about pain, anger, sorrow about fear of dying, about a bomb exploding and killing a soldier maybe a friend, about horrible sleepless nights with images of death of someone, a man who was fighting next 2 me, someone I knew, being torn apart or coming back home but having the impression I’m still there fighting that war...
    So these few words with a lot of humility go out to all these soldiers and families that had to go through that. Beyond any political views or my own beliefs they deserve a lot of respect.
    Homeless kids
    This should not b.
    kids and animals are causes I fight 4, I believe in .
    I was amazed to hear of how many homeless kids are in florida.  When I hear this...I sometimes feel hopeless....but 4 a few seconds only...because there is always hope :-) and certainty that change is possible.
    I know, I know, we all have problems..and like u I sometimes think ...what will it change if I do something? I’m one out of a billion...but it can change so much if we just start thinking differently, in a less selfish way. So when this little voice says, who cares, not possible, maybe tomorrow, think...stop and act and be positive.  Can u imagine how things could be different!
    We all over buy, u know the stuff in a closet we forgot about, the cloth we never wear or maybe once and then bof...and could be so useful to someone else, maybe a friend, a neighbour.
    So take a bit of ur time, juste un peux de votre temps, check out an organization u know and u trust and help them, if u can donate a bit of money or help them in any other way.
    Kids should not be homeless.
    Now on a lighter level:-)
    I’m really enjoying my last lazy days in Miami, before flying back to Europe and then flying back to the US to start my tour end of september. I’m really excited & grateful. Just spoke with my label. Lester my chihuahua will be with me 4 a few days, he is such a cool pooch anyway and I would miss him :-(
    The tour will be by bus so that’s cool, Rock my dog!
    Ok before I go I have to tell u about my burgers & beers, Mother burger thursday night experience...
    This was a huge, I mean HUGE burger, even more 4 a Veggi like me (I had a sad..).We were 12 and the guys and kids were not able to finish it....u only find that in the States:-) the chocolate burger cake was really good....I had to spend more than an hour at the gym yesterday, to get rid of.
    I have to go, so have a great weekend!
    à bientot, bis bald


  • Aug 16, 2010

    Holiday In Miami

    Huge storm this evening, it’s actually quite I’m not in a plane...I’m home, some friends are coming over 4 dinner. I should get some info about the tour this week. I will keep u posted.,It’s been calm and I have enjoyed these few days of doing ..NOTHING, I’m sure u know what I’m talking about...Holidays! Na gut,okay,I’ll switch to french for this blog:

    Quelques jours de repos ne me font pas oublié mes convictions,les animaux maltraités et torturés n ont pas de vacances et ceux qui se donnent corps et âme pour défendre une cause  non plus.les organisations comme Soi dogs ,the Humane Society of the United States et Let s adopt(et tant d autres) font un travail remarquable pour changer la mentalité des gens car certaines personnes malheureusement n ont  aucun remords,aucune conscience.....

    Nous devons tous nous battre pour nos convictions c est le meilleur moyen pour changer les choses.Si vous aimez les animaux comme moi ,alors prenez un peu de votre temps pour aider une de ces associations ,faire du bénevolat ect..J imagine bien que tout le monde n est pas aussi sensible que moi a la cause animal , l important est de croire en quelque chose et de ne pas avoir de doutes, c est de cette façon que les choses changeront.
    Ne pensez pas.... on verra demain,car demain est dejà oublié.
    Bonsoir de Miami, have fun.

  • Aug 08, 2010

    Good News

    Je viens juste de recevoir une super nouvelle, j ecrirai un blog à ce sujet en français la semaine prochaine. I just received great news that the the puppy mill cruelty prevention act has been certified for the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot in Missouri. So Missouri residents, please VOTE YES on prop B and spread the word it is important !

    I arrived a few days ago in Miami,I’m enjoying every minute. The flight was great, no turbulence 4 once! and it’s cool to see my friends again. Tonight we are having dinner, it will be a fun best friend just arrived from Paris , he is mad as ever ... and my girlfriend from Ecuador is also here for a few days. Ok guys, I have 2 go ...I’ll keep u updated on my Miami holiday. In the meantime have a great week end .
    Un beso & ein kuss

  • Jul 28, 2010

    At Jamiroquai Concert

    I forgot!

    Last night I saw Jamiroquai in Monaco, he is brillant.
    It was a great gig. Anyway, towards the end of the concert this woman
    starts dancing on the stage just an inch away from goes on for a
    few seconds... (no security) and then out of nowhere she does a cartwheel,
    guys!...she’s in a mini-skirt with HIGH heels.  She must have been an
    athlete or something a few years ago, amazing!
    She was dragged out screaming.

    Strange things happen sometimes...

    Have fun,

  • Jul 28, 2010

    Gill Dalley From Soi Dogs

    Gill Dalley is this amazing lady from Soi dogs.  When I first started hearing
    about this non-profit organization, it was in a local newspaper in
    Phuket (Thailand) 3 or 4 years ago. I was there on holiday and the day b4
    I was scheduled to leave, i fell upon an article about Soi dogs and the
    work they do to save the lives of so many dogs/cats picked up in the
    streets of Phuket in horrendous conditions, tortured beyond belief,
    burned....The list is so so long....

    The shelter being just minutes away from my hotel and my sunny beach...I
    jumped in a cab...and ended up 5 months later with Heidi, the sweetest
    Thai pooch.

    Anyway, needless to say that the people there were (are) amazing, I saw
    the tough conditions they had to work in, their total commitment to such a
    huge task (u can t imagine) and I could go on and on to praise their work.

    So for these last years...I have been following what they do and heard
    about Gill in newsletters, until yesterday, when I watched a video that
    please, I ask all of you to look:, otherwise it’s on my twitter page.

    She was rescuing a dog in a flooded field, the dog would have died if she
    had not, she fell ill a day or so later, was rushed to the hospital, her
    legs turned blue, they cut them off, something in the water in that field.
    She says she never thought of giving up and god it must have been hard, for
    the sake of all these dogs/cats, she fought, she got better and today
    does what she did before, with prosthetic limbs.  Can you imagine?

    People like that bring hope to this mad planet, to help create a better
    world, a better us.
    Certainty leaves no place for doubt.
    All these people working to help others, to save children, the sick, the
    lost, the homeless, to save the seas, the trees, the air we breathe and
    all its living animals really, really deserve our respect and our help.

    So please take a few minutes..choose a cause close to ur heart and do
    something about it now, not tomorrow, because tomorrow is when we forget.

    The Humane society of the United States

    Ein kuss and a kiss from Paris, see u in Miami next week.

    Love, Mtg

  • Jul 20, 2010

    Erykah Badu Concert

    Hi guys,

    Just a few words ....I’m tired, in a hurry and without inspiration but I wanted to wish you a great week. The other night I saw Erykah Badu in concert in Monaco, she’s amazing,it was a great evening, I’ll see Jamiroquai next week and Elton John the week after,I’m a lucky girl!I would love to sing there the vibe is out of this world, to perform there must be quite incredible, it’s just a beautiful scene.  I’m in Italy for a few days on the ’lago di Orta ’ in the Piemont region, it’s beautiful and peaceful, the best pasta, the best everything, amo Italia!
    a presto,


  • Jul 11, 2010

    Don't Forget About The Oil Spill

    I know you are hearing this over and over,it is so hot! but it dogs refuse to go out and even Lester ’busy body’ doesn’t move. I have this amazing view of the sea, this is the best moment of the day. I got some details of my tour that will start at the end of September, beginning of October and I just heard that I’ll be performing in Toronto from the 13th to the 17th of October, that’s cool, I love Canada. I’ll be watching the world cup final tomorrow, now that Switzerland and Germany are out ...go Spain! The star of this world cup isn’t Messi or Ronaldo but Paul the octopuss! If u guys don’t know what I’m talking about....and no, I’m not mad... check it out on youtube it’s quite amazing ...Paul has got it right EVERY time and for the final sunday, he sees Spain champion.

    Now a few serious words, Please don’t forget about the oil spill, it’s not because we get used to things that we must forget them and stop fighting. All the people who are working their arses off day and night to contain the oil from making more damage deserve our respect. If u are 2 busy during the week, take advantage of the weekend to help a cause u believe in and change 5 minutes into something  positive, it’s so easy and can make such a difference and if u are like me and love animals, spread the word against puppy mills, check out the Humane Society of the United States, please help them in any campaign they support, cruelty is everyday, everywhere.

    Have a  great weekend

  • Jul 01, 2010


    I guess another of these days... the bus drove us to the wrong plane ...

  • Jul 01, 2010

    Planes, Trains and...

    I’m waiting for my plane to Nice, jet lagged and tired and just heard that the plane is delayed..2 hours...for the moment nice. I have the impression that I have been in an airport since I left LA Monday evening a sort of groundhog day! Never getting out of this airport .. Through a queue, through check in, through security, shoes off & on & off, belt off & on & off, 100ml beauty cremes, well, girls stuff, in a little plastic bag, the person in front that does it all wrong and on and on and on  ...I’m sure some of u know what I’m talking about! So know I’m having another hot chocolate and croissant, how many did I have!!? Writing silly things.

    Now just a few serious words before I fall asleep on my neighbors shoulder. I believe that life is what u make of it, it’s really time that we react and stop all the nonsense we created. Find a cause that matters to you and fight for it, that’s the way things can change, it’s never 2 late to be positive. Help The Humane Society of the United States in their campaign against puppy mills.

    With love,

  • Jun 28, 2010

    LAX Airport

    Here I am at LAX airport waiting for my plane in the lounge with Lester, already snoring. LA was great, as always, I love coming here and I’m very grateful to have been able to release my cd! I hope u will like it. Tomorrow evening I’ll be in Paris and Thursday back in MC. I will campaign against puppy mills with all my heart, please do the same and help The Humane Society of the United States. Time 2 go..long flight ahead.
    Ein kuss,

  • Jun 21, 2010


    I arrived in Miami Saturday it’s nice to be here and finally see the sun!
    In front of me an amazing view of the ocean, it’s a like a beautiful
    italian painting...if Canaletto had painted Miami...

    I spoke about the issue of puppy mills with some friends and a lot of them
    had no idea, so it shows how important it is to talk about it. Someone told me yesterday...oh well there are worse’s certainly true, the world is sadly a mess, but if each time u get that answer and u never do anything then things will never change. The world is what u make of it, if u believe in a cause, whatever that cause is you, you can do miracles. So for those like me who love animals, please help us stop the existence of puppy mills.

    I’m leaving for LA tomorrow, see u there!

  • Jun 15, 2010

    Puppy Mills...Imagine

    I just arrived in Switzerland on another bumpy ride, at least the pilot had a great sense of humor when he said ...and now 15 min of free power plate!

    Lester is coming with me to LA & I’m really excited about my gig at the Key Club on the 26th of June in association with The Humane Society of the United States to fight against puppy mills. It is  very important to me, to make people aware about what puppy mills are, please have a look

    I must be honest, I had never heard of them before,  I never ever  imagined something like that could exist.The conditions in which these animals are kept, abused, well I have no words .I’m not asking you guys to love dogs, I’m not asking u to be as involved as I am with animals,  but please RESPECT THEM and DON’T make them suffer, if you don t like dogs, then don’t have dogs.

    Take a few minutes and imagine ...... imagine yourself, imagine living  in a cage on a wired floor, without ever getting out,  for the rest of your life, in the freezing cold & in the burning  heat, with almost no food or water, hurting and scared, sick and  beaten and then killed when not useful anymore.....please imagine .

    We have to change this and I believe that it’s never 2 late to start.

    See u in LA .


    they told me there was thunder
    but i never heard a sound
    they told me it was over
    empty lines on stolen paper
    along the lonely sea lanes
    sea lanes of my soul
    And talking like u know me
    and talking like u feel me
    words in shape of silence
     in vain stumble through my head
    lost lost without the stars
     of an angel in my arms
    i have hold u
    in the hollow of my hands
    in my sleepless nights
    in the walls of my mind....
    a page from a book unfinished
    and my heart that can t be fed
    they told me it was over
    but u never know what lies ahead
    along the lonely sea lanes
    sea lanes of my heart

  • Jun 09, 2010

    From Manchester UK

    Someone told me today , that before wanting to change people or the world for that matter, you have to change yourself ,how right that is. When something doesn’ t  work out the way we want it 2, when we disagree or fight about something , when Nations go to war and think that they are right & the others are wrong, we have to understand that it s all irrelevant that we are all wrong, it s the only way to make things change.

    Ok enough of this serious stuff. I’m in Manchester in the train to London (I hope) . Got there to see that my train was canceled (great) so I rushed back up the stairs, down the stairs with my high heels & my stuffed handbag, to be told that another train for London was like there...on the other side... leaving now. So ,back up the stairs & down rushed into that train without obviously checking that it was the right one..

    I definitively did not like the sound of “ train to liverpool”once the doors were closed and the train moving,not really the same direction...

    Anyway I finally arrived in London it was the right train! Days like that I guess.

    Love mtg

  • Jun 03, 2010

    Good Morning

    Good morning,
    I’m on my way to Paris for the day,it’s sooo early, had to catch a train at 7am this morning. I had a late night & my head is still on my pillow. I’m looking forward to flying back to LA in a few weeks and also really excited about my album release at the Key Club on the 26th of June! I am also very proud and grateful to announce that I will be partnering with the American Humane Association on various subjects close to my heart. A girlfriend sent me a mail a few days ago telling me that we should try to fly over to help save all these poor animals covered in crude,in Louisiana, she is checking it out with the people over there. I will keep u posted. This could become the worst oil spill in US history. Do we always have to harm? Is this human nature? It drives me mad to see so much destruction & inhumanity. We could change the world 4 something so much better, with just a bit more positivity & consciousness.
    Con amore ,MTG

  • May 20, 2010

    La Foret Amazonienne Le Combat De Raoni

    Je voudrais vous faire part d un article que je viens de lire dans un magazine sur un des sujets qui me tient à coeur la sauvegarde de la forêt Amazonienne:

    Agé de plus de 80 ans Raoni doit repartir en guerre pour sauver sa terre , la forêt Amazonienne ,un des poumons de notre planète. Raoni est un chef indien de 80 ans, de la tribu Kayapo au Brésil. il est en Europe pour tenter de trouver les fonds nécéssaire à la sauvegarde de sa forêt car aujourd hui sa réserve est menacée. 1000 tribus vivent dans les forêts vierges tropicales dont 68 sans le moindre contact avec le reste du pays d après le gouvernement Bresilien. 1600 espèces d oiseaux peuplent l Amazonie,40000 espèces d insectes ,3000 especes de poissons sans oublié les félins. 19000 km2 de couverture végétale sont détruit chaque année depuis 1988 soit 36 terrains de foot par minutes....Chaque km2 de forêt détruit produit 22000 tonnes de co2! Sans forêts il n y a plus d ombre ,les vents vont se lever , la terre va s assécher. Il y aura de grands feux , plus d eau ,plus d animaux, plus de nourriture pour les hommes. Raoni dit être très preoccupé pour l avenir “ j ai peur qu il y ait des problèmes avec les colons,ils veulent notre terre à tout suis hélas le seul aujourd hui qui tient encore tout mon peuple uni et qui peut encore empêcher les chercheurs d or , les pêcheurs,les bûcherons,les batisseurs de barrage d envahir nos terres. Qui après moi va se battre pour les protéger?....” Nous vivons dans un monde en plein changement et il est vraiment essentiel que nous apprenions le respect de l autre et de tout être vivant sur cette terre. Tout est relié ,d un bout du monde à l autre et si nous ne réagissons pas il sera trop tard ,il n y a rien de pire que des regrets.
    Nous sommes tous responsable.


  • May 15, 2010

    Up Since 2AM

    I have been up since 2 am ... I had a million things going through my head & Lester was snoring..but i guess that the excitment of coming back 2 LA in June for my album release at the Viper room had a lot to do with it. Can’t wait! I also saw the cd cover, it looks cool, nice leopard... I am spending the weekend at my mums in the mountains,it’s always so nice to come back home, I don t do it often enough, I know i should find the time, but... ich liebe dich mami. It’s 7am and raining,raining & raining again,it hasn’t stopped for the last 10 days and it snowed a few days ago, is this spring? I’m going to have a coffee and then head to the gym, will fly back to MC on tuesday then Paris & Rome next week. Have a great weekend, be responsible & take a few minutes of ur time 4 a positive thought.
    Love Mtg

  • May 07, 2010

    The Art Of Recycling

    Today I visited a school were the children organized an open door to teach us adults, about recycling and how to change our everyday behaviors it was refreshing to see them having fun. They had organized different games concerning issues important to them, how to save endangered species ect.. that’s definitely not something I was taught as a kid! bad habits die hard...I’m off to Rome in a week, if the is landing volcano doesn’t erupt again... I heard that there was a regain of activity today. I hope it won’t be chaos like 3 weeks ago. Anyway, Sunday is mother’s day in Switzerland so I will drive up to see her from MC it’s a 4 hours drive and I don’t need a plane 4 that, thank god!
    Have fun & a great weekend
    Love mtg

  • May 05, 2010


    Raoni is an Indian Chef from the Kayapo tribe in Brazil. He is in Europe to try and find some help to save his tribe from extinction. I had never heard of him before but I was really touched and so saddened when I saw him on tv, fighting a war that I’m afraid he has no chance of winning, his last fight he says, to stop the deforestation of the amazon and the construction of an enormous dam that could be and I guess will be another ecological disaster....for all of us.
    We need the forest to breathe and for any living creature to survive.

    I sometimes wonder if we will start reacting and realizing, only when the skies will be dark , the earth burned and the seas dead , when there will be nothing left then regrets and 2 late the only word left.

  • Apr 28, 2010

    Paris, Geneva and Monaco

    Hallo Freunde,

    I’m in the fast train between Paris & Geneva,it’s a beautiful afternoon and I’m on my way to Switzerland for one day before flying back to MC tomorrow morning. I had a nice time there and I was able to grab a coffee with a croissant this morning (I’ll go to the gym this afternoon!),on a sunny terrace of the Champs Elysée before rushing to the train station, for once no traffic jam!When I’m in a train or in a plane it’s really the only moment that I take time to slow down (no choice)and do the things that I otherwise always put aside. I think that I would need 72 hours in a day ....I started writing some new songs so it s constructive.

    I have been reading about this organization called “The Human Association”. They protect kids& animals since 1877, some issues they support are quite amazing. When I turn into my selfish mood this morning actually ....there is always something or someone to make me realize that my little daily problems aren’t that bad and that the world will certainly not stop turning because of them.... It’s difficult to find the right words without sounding cheesy, but I believe that it is so important to teach kids to live & think the right way and not perpetuate our mistakes towards our planet and all it’s living creatures. We have to become conscious & I personally believe that nothing happens without a reason. The seed u planted a week, a month or years ago will always come back 2 u.

    No more battery on my blackberry, so guys have a great day.
    Love Mtg

  • Apr 16, 2010

    Volcano Eruption In Iceland

    Mother earth is not happy! I was lucky to get back Monday as a lot of the air spaces in Europe have been closed due to the eruption of a volcano in Iceland. All these poor people stuck in airports, some 4 days, it must be chaos! A lot of natural disasters are happening lately, we will just have to learn to live with thing man can’ t and will never control.

    When I got home I was happy to see my dogs and Bill the cat & excited about the last few weeks & the video shoot in LA . Now I can’t wait to perform again, it’s such a great feeling 2 be on stage. I will keep you posted on that .

    I’m seeing Ahmed Jamal in concert tonight he’s a monument of jazz. I’ll take it easy this weekend getting rid of my jet lag and will maybe spend some time in the mountains before going back to MC on Tuesday. Don’t forget be responsible, respect & love what u have. Have a great weekend!


  • Apr 12, 2010


    Yesterday as I was in my car, a man came next 2 me with a note “homeless, lost my job and my house” Some people I guess would turn their heads or think, we all have problems...I have done the same, many times. One day I found out that this girl I knew when we were 17, had lost everything. She came from a caring family, she was beautiful, intelligent and sweet. She wasn’t a “friend ” but we used to hang out together sometimes. Anyway, years went by, I lost contact and forgot all about her. I lately learned that her life turned to hell. She was homeless with no one to care and had lost her mind. There is no difference between the man with his note and her.  The only difference is the way we react.

    Milow the Girl

  • Apr 09, 2010

    The Soi Dog Organization

    I received this mail today from a foundation that I support and I needed
    to share this with you, as human cruelty and inhumanity never ceases to
    amaze me.

    John from  Soi dogs writes:

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    After nearly seven years helping animals here there is really nothing that
    shocks me any more. Man s  inhumanity to our fellow creatures never ceases
    to amaze and appall me. I think I have seen just about everything that man
    can and does do to inflict pain and suffering on innocent creatures, and
    some of these are simply too horrific to share with people as it is not
    our intention to shock. Cruelty to animals happens everywhere even in the
    most advanced of nations. The main difference here is that there are
    simply no laws to help them, and without Soi Dogs supporters and The Soi
    Dog Foundation no one is prepared to help them.

    Often when we get a call the animal has clearly been suffering for weeks
    and been seen by probably hundreds or thousands of people who simply
    choose to ignore it. It always makes me worry as to how many we simply
    never hear about. Only 2 weeks ago my wife, Gill called me from the
    shelter in floods of tears in sheer frustration after a dog was brought to
    the shelter. This dog had been in this condition for weeks yet nobody
    called us until too late. One cannot imagine the agony he was suffering.
    You can read a poem Gill wrote in a two angry minutes with tears pouring
    from her eyes: WHY WHY WHY  by Gill Dalley

    Last week among the many dogs who came in for treatment were 2 dogs, that
    although completely different situations, typify the things we see almost
    on a daily basis.


    Humphrey was picked up in Patong the main vacation destination here on
    Phuket. A foreigner living here had managed to barricade the dog in an
    empty lot on a building site he was working on. Local people advised that
    the dog had been attacked a few days earlier by a local man and the top of
    his head had been sliced off with a large blade. Fortunately the skull was
    intact and no entry was made into the brain, though on arriving at the
    shelter an estimated 300 maggots had to be removed from the wound. Dr. Su
    confirmed that the wound was caused by a sharp blade. Thanks to her
    treatment, only one week later the flesh is already regenerated and the
    wound is beginning to shrink. Of course, Humphrey cannot be returned to
    where he was found.


    Shanti is no more than 6 months old and a great example of why our
    sterilization program (over 27,000 animals now sterilized), is so vital to
    prevent ongoing suffering. Unwanted puppies are usually dumped.
    We have found them in bags down wells, on the main highway, and of course
    dumping at temples is also very common. We also know that they are
    sometimes sold to labour camps to be used as food. Another popular dumping
    ground are the hundreds of rubber plantations that cover Phuket. These
    plantations offer no food, other than theâ rubber sap that is collected in
    coconut shells tied to the trees. With nothing else to eat, the puppies
    are attracted in desperation to the rubber sap which our Thai staff tell
    us smells something like a cross between fish and chicken. This of course
    is fatal to eat. Shanti was the last survivor of a litter dumped in a plantation close to a
    new school here. How he managed to survive is a mystery although we were
    told a local woman would throw him a few grains of rice as she passed, but
    it was one of our volunteers whose son attends a nearby school who spotted
    him last week and called us. Shanti was terrified of humans and it took our dog catchers 3 days before
    they were able to get a hold of him. He is now at the shelter suffering
    from demodec mange and a fungal infection on his face. He very rapidly
    however lost his fear of humans and cuddles close to Gill when she is at
    the shelter.

    Will we return him to the rubber plantation when he is fit and well?


    Thank you for having taken the time to read this, as it is close to my
    heart. The people at Soi dog are amazing and they really deserve our
    respect. Two years ago I went to Phuket and by chance one day before
    leaving I came across them and I was able to see the wonderful job they
    do, I adopted a dog that I call Heidi. Please check them out

    With love,
    Milow the Girl

  • Mar 31, 2010

    LA Video Shoot of Nevermind

    I arrived in LA Saturday.  It is really nice 2 be back and definitely worth 12 hours traveling and 9 hours jet lag. Can’t wait to shoot the video tomorrow, with 2 black leopards.... they will absolutely be the stars of the shoot !! I am sure that I won’t be able to compete and No Lester (my chihuahua) on the set! Crystal and Ivory belong to working wildlife that rescues all kinds of animals. I’ll let you know more about it at the end of this week.
    Milow the Girl

  • Mar 19, 2010

    Just A Thought

    Again.....I woke up early, just couldn’t t sleep. I have this melody in my head, drives me crazy, so I started to write some lyrics at 5 am, with my 4 dogs and cat running around. Lester, my Chihuahua, is really bossy with the others, i guess He hasn’t got a clue as how small he is! Oh well, he’s a star.

    I feel blessed 2 b surrounded by animals and people. I love and it makes me wonder why the world is so f.....up.  It could be simple and things could be different, THEY COULD, if we were just willing to change it.   I know its been said before but it’ s so true. I come from the country side, a place in the Swiss mountains and I value everyday what I have around me and even if I’ve been around the world so many times and spend half of my time in a plane these are my roots and I hope that in a certain way I can help, music is such a great tool.

    I’ve been following various organizations like Suoi dogs in Thailand, they do an AMAZING job, Dian Fossey Gorilla s foundation, Greenpeace or Parrains de l espoir (they take care of kids in various countries) as I believe that THEY and not politicians, can make a change.

    I m in Switzerland this week and I’ll be going to the mountains over the weekend , there is still a lot of snow so I guess I’ll be skiing, can’t box, my arm still hurts, so fresh air will be nice.

    I’m very excited about LA , I’ll be there in a week to shoot the video for my single ’Never Mind’ and I’m really looking forward to it, will keep u posted! Ok time 2 go have a great day , Hi from Switzerland
    Milow The Girl



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