London based L.U.V.’s Self titled EP highlights old - American Rock ’N’ Roll infused with British electro pop that creates a sound all of its own. Produced by Dan Horne (Wolfmother) The EP has been drawing in listeners with its magnetic beats and catchy melodies. The major accomplishments and talents of the five rockers mixed in with their overall stage presence, and songs that have been christened “dirty, sexy rock ‘n’ roll” have the EP and standout tracks like She’s My Fix impacting radio on two continents.

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  1. She's My Fix
  2. Gimme Your Love
  3. Californ.I.A.
  4. Dirty Sweet
  5. Do Ya Wanna?

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  • She's My Fix - EP
    Artist: L.U.V.
  • Gimme Your Love - EP
    Artist: L.U.V.
  • Californ.I.A. - EP
    Artist: L.U.V.
  • Do Ya Wanna? - EP
    Artist: L.U.V.