John McManus

Singer/songwriter John McManus has been turning heads with his poetic music and poignant lyrics. His latest release, “613” is a sublime collection of alternative indie rock songs. Standout Tracks like “Pilot Me Home”, “Lately” and the title track,“613” take us on a lyrical and musical ride with steady beats and catchy guitar riffs that stick with you. John’s stories are real, his thoughts unbounded, as he invites us to take the trip with him.

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  1. Pilot Me Home
  2. Kansas City Girl
  3. So Beautiful
  4. Lately
  5. It's High Time (To Be in Love)
  6. 613
  7. Rolestar
  8. Hard Hearted
  9. Maybe Next Summer
  10. Bits and Pieces of My Mind
  11. Memory Lane

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  • Pilot Me Home - 613
    Artist: John McManus
  • Kansas City Girl - 613
    Artist: John McManus
  • Lately - 613
    Artist: John McManus
  • 613 - 613
    Artist: John McManus