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“I’m Not Playin” the live debut cd from comedienne Janice Kamalski is a wildly funny look at everyday life through the eyes of a candid and overworked married mother of two children. Janice has been attracting audience members from Philadelphia to California. She has been headling in comedy clubs in the Mid-Atlantic region and most recently opened for Louie Anderson at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ll laugh, you’ll scream but you won’t leave your seat until the lights come up.

Janice was born and raised in New Castle, Delaware. The youngest of three girls, she has had her share of hand me downs. Struggling divorced parents may not always have a lot in the way of material things to give, but humor and sarcasm go a long way to make up for it. Having to work for what she’s wanted, Janice has turned her struggles into your amusement. Her family, while growing up, and her family now, husband and children, have a supportive presence and help her to maintain what she aptly calls the controlled insanity of her life.

Janice broke into comedy by accepting a last minute challenge to perform in Cherry Hill, NJ for Nickelodeon’s Funniest Mom in America contest, Kamalski found her calling. Janice says, “I was nervous before I went up on stage and then as soon as I got up there, it was gone. I felt completely comfortable like I had been doing it for years.” The contest led her to begin performing in clubs and open mics around the Philadelphia area.

Since then Janice has added performing in clubs to her many addictions and has appeared up and down and side to side at comedy clubs throughout the country. In May of 2006, Kamalski was offered a development deal with independent label Realize Records that quickly turned into a full recording contract.

“I’m Not Playin” captures Kamalski’s brand of humor that will have you laughing out loud as she points out the obvious absurdities of everyday life as a married working mother. Immediate plans include continuing to tour the Mid-Atlantic while preparing for the CD release. When asked about her motto towards her career Kamalski states, “I don’t believe in bad audiences, only bad comedians. Whether there are five people or five hundred in the room it is the comedian’s job to make them laugh.” Her website, www.janicekamalski.com features a Q & A section where Janice delves into answering fan’s questions with her usual wit and honesty.

Janice’s adds a fresh voice to the comedy scene as she sets out to prove that while life is not always easy it is almost always funny. So get ready she is packing her trash filled mini van with an extra pair of jeans and heading to a town near you.


  • Dec 23, 2011

    Kids Don't Want To See Their Parent

    Q. I am a divorced father of two children.  I have not been able to see them in over a year now.  I’ve tried going through the courts to enforce my visitation but the courts say, “if the children don’t want to see you, they don’t have to”.  Do you have any advice? (And yes, I do pay my child support religiously)  Sincerely, Bill - Phoenix-AZ 
    P.S.  Thank you for making life a little less painful.  Your work really helps.

    A. Bill - Why you're wasting your money on the court system when you could be buying your childrens affections is beyond me but hey, to each their own.  I think them NOT liking you is proof positive of your excellent parenting skills. In fact everytime one of mine says "I hate you!", i know I'm doing something right. If, however,  in the end, they don't seem to be coming around, start sending your support payments to childfund.org.  Not only will you be able to feed many many more kids, those kids will actually be grateful. You'd also apparently  be guaranteed a pen pal.  You'd finally be free to let the new kids know what a conniving bitch your x is without having it bantered about in court like you've said a bad thing.  Really Bill, nice neat letters or dirty messy bedrooms?  Your choice. Good luck friend and God speed (whatever that means) Kiss kiss -Jay

  • May 09, 2007

    All Your Weekends Free

    Q: My son just turned 13 and has become a complete  nightmare. He won’t listen and has a smart comment every two minutes, that is when he actually speaking to us. I have tried everything what do you think  I should do? Greta - Wilmington, DE

    A: Smack him around and hope he calls social services on you.  Just think, all your weekends free!!!!

  • May 09, 2007

    Tell Your Husband That One of Him Is Enough

    Q: My brother-in law just moved in and he is constantly leaving dirty dished in the sink and not cleaning up after himself in  general. I am hesitant to say anything because I don’t want to upset him or my husband. How would you handle it? - Tami - Silver Springs,  MD

    A: Tell your husband that one of him is enough, but if he gets pissy about it and starts all that "he’s my brother crap", tell him the brother acts more like a lazy ass husband, and you might as well add sleeping with him to your duty list as well.

  • May 08, 2007

    Just Pick One And Stick With That

    Q: I just recently had a baby and I am scheduled to  go back to work soon. I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of  being a working mother. I wonder how you juggle being a comedian,  having a full-time job and a kids. Do you have any advice? Sheila  - Lancaster, PA

    A: Yeah, pick just one and stick with that!! I’d tell you all that hokey crap about prioritizing, organization and keeping what’s important to you in focus, however, I do none of that.  I live my life always feeling guilty and tired.  So why don’t you write me back in about 6 months and tell me your secrets.  I won’t listen to them either but I could pretend.



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