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Watch Me Burn, the debut studio album from Philadelphia native, Chris Bruni, captures the soul of this emerging singer-songwriter with distinctive vocal styling, profound lyrics, and melodies that stay with the listener long after the music has ended.

Born into a family already immersed in the world of the arts, Bruni`s creativity was nourished from the beginning. Having an artist grandfather, an aunt who has worked with painter Andrew Wyeth for over 30 years, and a father who was the director of The Delaware Art Museum for 20 years led Chris to view the world in a unique way.

At 26, Bruni has had his share of musical endeavors fronting various bands in the Mid-Atlantic, but it was an impromptu solo trip to Europe that changed the artist`s life. At 19, with only his guitar and a small backpack of clothes, Bruni boarded a plane to Rome with an open mind and a blank journal. Hopping from train to train, hostel to hostel, and bar to bar, he used his guitar and voice to break the ice in each new city. As people crowded around to listen, someone in the crowd would inevitably help him find his way. This experience gave the songwriter the time to observe the people and world around him and write the songs that would eventually land him a recording deal.

Upon returning home, Bruni performed with area bands while continuing to write and grow as a performer. In 2006, Bruni returned to solo performances and began making the rounds of open mic nights throughout the Delaware Valley, hoping that his music would be heard. During one such performance in Wilmington, Delaware, Bruni was spotted and signed by a representative for emerging indie label, Realize Records.

After intense pre-production sessions led by producer Darryl Joyner (A Thrilled Voice/Marquis Records/ Trading Horror Stories/Realize Records), Chris went into the studio and emerged with a multifaceted collection of songs emulate the depth of Tracy Chapman, the heartfelt emotional turmoil of James Blunt and the energy of Dave Matthews. On his time in the studio, Bruni says, "Recording the album in the time we did really was a result of the chemistry that I believe was felt by everyone involved. From the musicians to the producer to the engineers, everyone came in with the same vision of how these songs should sound, and I believe we really hit the nail on the head."

Watch Me Burn takes adult contemporary rock to a whole new level. Bruni has successfully created a musical experience filled with intensity and sarcasm, complemented with an every-man`s sensibility on life, love, money, and loss. The underlying theme maintains a positive outlook, despite hard times endured and hard lessons learned. The debut album as a whole stirs emotions, evoking a tension between the storyteller and the rock musician.

Through his musicianship and songwriting, Chris Bruni has captured life experiences that belie his young age. Bruni notes, "My goal is to reach a level of connection with the people who listen to my music. I would hope that, to some degree, the work I create touches people the way that I am touched by the music and artists I appreciate most. I`m a pretty down-to-earth guy and I don`t believe that an outlandish style or personality is necessary as the long as the music is honest and from the heart."


  • Mar 04, 2008


    Hello everyone,

    I know that this section of the website has gone some time without me stopping in to give my regards. For future reference for those of you who may not check or are not familiar with myspace, I post frequent "blogs" on my myspace page.  It is there that you will find everything you might be looking for on this here website plus more photos, new music, and frequent
    blogging. Oh,.........I forgot to give you some directions to this "myspace" page. Well here ya go, if you want to find some more stuff, go to and hopefully you find what you’re looking for. Thanks so much to everyone who keeps this little ball rolling right along!

    One more thing!

    I have a Birthday coming up. Now, I’m not much of a birthday kind of guy. I don’t really need to recognize the fact that I’m getting closer to 30 and further from the days when I didn’t have to go to bed at a certain time in order to have a productive day.  Wow, did I just say that? Anyway, back to the point. I’ve got a nice big birthday party taking place at the one and only "World Cafe Live" on Sunday, March 16th. I would love to celebrate with all of you who can make it out to "The City of Brotherly Love". Most people would give you an idea of what sort of gift they want for their birthday, but all I want is to have all of you come out and have some fun with me and the rest of the band. I  promise, you will have fun!

    Okay, that’s it. I wish you well and hope to see you on my birthday,

  • Jun 13, 2007


    Well Hello There!
    Seems as though I’ve wandered a bit too far from those of you who are keeping up with my journal entries.  I’ve realized that my last entry was all the way back in March and I feel as though I’m neglecting this slot on the website. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to, outside of the newsletters and myspace blogs.
    Much like most musicians,  I’ve been taking a lot of opportunities between playing gigs and working to head out and get a better grip on the local music scene. By taking the time to hit up the local music venues as a listener, rather than a performer, I’ve come to respect a truckload of people who are doing the same thing I am doing and doing it in ways that I want to emulate.  There are so many great artists just in this small corner of the world, doing what they love and doing it so well!
    If you would like to check out some of the local artists I’ve taken a liking to, just check out my myspace page,,  I tend to keep a revolving lineup of the music I’m hearing around the area that needs to be heard beyond!
    Next time,

  • Mar 08, 2007


    Its been almost a month since I last checked in with y’all. And its been a busy month at that. I’ll leave the responsibilities of reporting the news to the "News" link on this here website. With that being said, I’ll fill you in on things that might not qualify as news in anyone’s head but my own.

    The release of the album, along with the release show and television performance, were accomplishments that I hadn’t even considered a year ago, but now they have come to pass and a lot of people are asking me "Howdy there partner, what’s the next step? We’ve been reading all this good news, hope there’s more to come."

    So I found myself looking beyond the goal of recording an album and having it released into the critical masses, and wondering, "Hey what do I do now?".
    Apparently, the best mode of transportation has been to immerse myself in the worldwide web. I’ve been spending most of my time ignoring realistic responsibility and have become a web contacting addict. It’s been a slow process, but I’ve suddenly realized the benefit of knowing how to use a computer. Go figure!

    Within the time I’ve spent contracting some sort of typing arthritis, I’ve learned that there are actually people out there listening to my music and that makes the wrist pain less accute. Slowly but surely, I guess, the sounds are hitting the airwaves and people seem to be responding positively. I know this because I got some reviews here on the news. Click on the News!. Yes, things have been climbing in a positive direction since the release and I’m more than happy to.... well,..... be happy about everything that’s coming to fruition. Anyway, I hope that if you’ve gotten this far in the journal entry, you must have some invested interest in what’s going on and I’d give you a high five if I was standing next to you. Be sure to help spread the word and I promise to be more frequent with updating myself in upcoming months.

    Take er easy,

  • Jan 13, 2007


    Hello once again everyone, Its a new year and things have been really picking up steam since the last time I checked in. You all know about the album release, I’m sure, February 13th, and the CD release party February 8th @ the Tin Angel. Got word a few days ago that "Watch Me Burn" was actually played on 93.7 WSTW. Unfortunately I missed it due to an Eagles victory in the first round of the playoffs, but I was excited nonetheless to hear the news. I’ll piggyback on that piece of good fortune by mentioning that I’ll actually be on the WSTW program "Hometown Heroes" on January 28th. Myself and host Mark Rogers will be talking about the album and I may play a few songs live in the studio. The show runs from 9-11, be sure to spread the news. One last niblet of good news, actually its pretty big! Through a very odd twist of fate, I’ve been asked, along with the rest of the guys from the studio, to perform on NBC 10’s The 10! Show on February 8th. It will be the morning of the CD release party ironically enough. Make sure you get yourself and all of your retired relatives to tune in at 10 o’clock that morning. I guess that’s all I’ve got for now. Please check the schedule and come on out to a show.

    I’ll be in touch,


  • Dec 07, 2006


    Hello everyone!, Thanks for checking out the new website. If you’ve gotten this far, then hopefully you like my music (and I salute you as a friend). I’m eagerly anticipating the album release (a late christmas present to those of you who have been patient). I’ve been laying low with the live shows to some extent for the past few months, but come the new year there will be plenty of gigs for you to venture out to. Please do yourself a favor and check the calender, chances are , I’m not too far away.

    Take care,



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